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  • Permission to copy our music: Even though our music is fully copyrighted, we grant you permission to print, copy, use and distribute our music freely (thank you!) as long as you include the copyright notice and do not sell our music.  If your church has a CCLI license, please report your usage of our music to CCLI.  Thank you!
  • Want to sell a CD with our music on it? Email us and ask for a "Mechanical License" which you can complete and return to us.  Click here
  • Need a key change of one of our songs? Email us and tell us which song, what key, and whether you want a lead sheet or SATB. Click here
  • Song sheets, projections, and CCLI: Churches with a CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing, International) license may make "singles, projections, prints, arrangements, and [non-profit] recordings" in accordance with CCLI guidelines.
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