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The free praise and worship music of Larry A. Hamblen & Jerry D. Hamblen

Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy Is His Name


Sheet music PDF:
SATB key of F
1. The seraphs surround Him and worship Jehovah,
Crying, "Holy, holy, holy, holy is His name!"
Smoke fills the temple, the doors shake and tremble,
As His greatness and glory's proclaimed!

Chorus: My praise now surrounds as I worship my Lord,
I sing, "Holy, holy, holy, holy is His name!"
The great God Almighty now dwells inside me,
I sing, "Holy, holy, holy is His name!"

2. My heart's overcome by this vision of glory,
So I humbly bow before Him and praise His name!
I cry, "I'm so unworthy, so woe be to me!"
Then His touch takes my guilt all away!

Words by Larry A. Hamblen; Music by Jerry D. Hamblen.
Copyright 1995.  Hamblen & Hamblen Music. All Rights Reserved.
CCLI #: 4883926.

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