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The free praise and worship music of Larry A. Hamblen & Jerry D. Hamblen

This Is the Land I Love


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1. This is the land, blessed by God above,
From sea to shining sea;
Where heroes brave have died, their lives sacrificed,
For this land of liberty!

Chorus: Let freedom ring, our voices sing,
The song of liberty;
From mountains high, and valleys wide,
This is the land for me!

2. Where freedom's flag flies proud, and freedom's song is loud,
In this land of liberty;
Where justice will prevail, compassion shall not fail,
To keep our people free!

Chorus: Let every race our land embrace
With love and liberty;
Let freedom ring, our voices sing,
The song of liberty!

3. And when new foes assail, we know we shall prevail,
With the cry of liberty;
And with a righteous might, our heroes brave will fight,
To keep our nation free!

Words and music by Larry A. Hamblen.
Copyright 1999.  Hamblen & Hamblen Music.
All Rights Reserved.  CCLI #: 4597274.

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