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Ol' Herod


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lead sheet keys of C, Db, D, SATB keys of C, Db, D

The wise men in Jerusalem— A searchin’ for the King
Asking everyone they met— Hoping for a lead.
Where is the One who has been born— The King of all the Jews?
We’ve come so far to worship Him— You must know it’s true!

Ol' Herod was the mighty king— There in Ju-de-a then
A wicked, tyrant bully too— Filled with fear and sin.
So when he heard, he was disturbed— Oh, who would take his place?
He asked the scribes and elders too— Hear what they had to say.

In Bethlehem, O Bethlehem, that’s what the prophets say
In Bethlehem, O Bethlehem, not very far away
For out of you will come for me— Isra’el’s Sovereign King
Ruler from eternity— What a wondrous thing!

O Bethlehem, quaint Bethlehem— Oh, what destiny!
Bethlehem, sweet Bethlehem— It has been decreed
For out of you will come for me— Israel’s Sovereign King
The Lord of lords and King of kings, What a wondrous thing!

O Bethlehem, poor Bethlehem— Herod’s hate will come
The potentate who rules with hate— What’s this deed you’ve done?
O Bethlehem, poor Bethlehem— Bless your little ones
O Bethlehem, poor Bethlehem— Weeping for your sons

Ol’ Herod was a mighty king— but had a fatal flaw
He had no one that he would trust— for he feared one and all
He killed his wife and killed his sons— He feared an evil plot
But soon he learned it wasn’t true— He killed them all for nought

This helps us understand this man— the paranoia kid
Why he would fear the magis’ words— his reign was on a skid
So he would plot and he would scheme—To end this newborn’s life
Manipulation at its worst— His plan would be denied

He called the Magi secretly—To send them on their search
But they would see feigned piety— At its very worst
"Please find this child so meek and mild— That I might worship too."
Ol' Herod was a sinful man— We all know it is true.

So on their way they left that day— and followed yonder star
To Bethlehem were Christ was born—Their journey from afar
The Child with His mother sweet— The Magi bowing low
They worshiped Him and gave their gifts— Myrrh, frankenscence and gold.

Then in the night they had a dream— A holy angel came
And warned them of the coming wrath— Ol’ Herod was insane!
Get up and take this holy Child— Down to Egypt’s land
For Herod comes to kill this Babe— Born in Bethlehem.

O Bethlehem, blest Bethlehem— Where Christ the Lord was born
Bethlehem, O Bethlehem— O hear your mothers mourn
O Bethlehem, poor Bethlehem— Bless your little ones
O Bethlehem, poor Bethlehem— Weeping for your sons.

Words by Larry A. Hamblen; Music by Jerry D. Hamblen
Copyright 2008 Hamblen & Hamblen Music.
All Rights Reserved.  CCLI #: 5402791.

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