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To God be the glory!


Visitor's Name: Fred Combie
You are from: Cottage Grove, OR. 97424

Comments: Great idea!!!
Sign Time: April 09 2000 at 01:48:20


Visitor's Name: Melvin Richter
You are from: Stevensville, Michigan

 Comments: Love the songs in "For Praise and Worship" (our sub-heading). In rough times, it's good to know that songs like these lighten our burdens and give them to the Lord!. Thanks so much.
Sign Time: April 04 2000 at 23:00:00


Visitor's Name: Mamom34
Homepage URL: Mamom's Christian Homepage
You are from: Pennsylvania

 Comments: Hi, your music is wonderful..i love it..sent an email to you..keep up the good work...God bless and keep you...Mamom34
Sign Time: March 30 2000 at 19:31:59


Visitor's Name: Phil and Kim Wilson

Comments: Just had to write you after I read your testimonial on your web page.  I signed the guestbook and wrote a quick response, then I read about you two!  Wow, it doesn't pay much but I'm hoping you'll hit pay dirt soon and I have a very good feeling that you will.  YOU GUYS AND WIVES HAVE TALENT! DON'T even plan on stopping, the Lord has much in store for you.  Your music is a breath of fresh air.  Our choir and congregation also have been singing  "Reign in this Heart of Mine"  actually the first song introduced to me by our pastor Terrel Eldreth who says he knows you Larry?  He brought it up on the  computer - we ran a copy (registered it and all your music with CCLI.) and that Sunday, I had the choir to introduce it.  The next wk. I had the congregation sing it and they sang it as if they had been singing it all their lives!  I have not heard "In the Presence of the Lord" but after I read it was a top song for you, I am already planning to use it as well as many others.  I will certainly be a regular visitor to your website, eager to hear your latest.  God bless,  Phil Wilson.
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 23:05:25 -0800


Visitor's Name: Earl Williams
You are from: St. James Episcopal Church Oakland, Ca

Comments: The music here is WONDERFUL!!!!!
Sign Time: March 11 2000 at 20:49:31


Visitor's Name: Jan Sheffer
You are from: Coronado

Comments: Like your music- Jan
Sign Time: February 10 2000 at 23:07:23


Visitor's Name: Lloyd and Jean Hatchett
You are from: Foothill Baptist, San Luis Obispo, CA

 Comments: Beautiful website-enjoyed the music and pray God,s best to you, in His work. Lloyd and Jean
Sign Time: February 08 2000 at 01:33:13


Visitor's Name: Kelly Ladd
You are from: Coronado, California

 Comments: Great web site! God has really blessed you both with such wonderful talents.
Sign Time: January 22 2000 at 23:31:53


Visitor's Name: Stephaine Grace (Gracie)
You are from: Ripon, CA

 Comments: What a Awesome Site. You Did a great Job, and I love your songs. Our God is truly an Awesome and Wonderful God. And your songs really convey that message. Praise to His Name Forever.
Sign Time: January 11 2000 at 13:04:43


Visitor's Name: Jim Thompson
You are from: New Albany, IN

Comments: Praise the Lord
Sign Time: January 07 2000 at 13:44:34


Visitor's Name: Kary

Comments: Hi Daddy, I just printed the sample sheet music and it did just fine. Looks really nice!  Love you!
Sign Time: January 03 2000 at 17:21:51


Visitor's Name: Tim Brady (
You are from: Plant City, Fl

 Comments: I'm active in gospel music and a member of the Cork UMC choir in Plant City. I am also chairman of the Pastor/Parish committee. What is required to obtain the CCLI that you mentioned on your webpage? We have a growing choir and an active praise and worship group. Please respond at my e-mail address. Great site.
Sign Time: January 01 2000 at 20:17:47


Visitor's Name: Gail Rennetty
You are from: Landmark Baptist Church, San Jose

Comments: Remember me? I got your Christmas card and decided to check out your web page. I didn't know that your musical career has progressed so far.
Sign Time: December 17 1999 at 19:25:58


Visitor's Name: Karen Wright

Comments:  I would like to say Shine, Shine, Bethlehem Star is the most beautiful new Christmas song I have heard in a long time!  Thank you.  You are very blessed.  Could you please send me the sheet music to this so we can sing it on Sun. morn.?  Thanks.
Sign Time: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 12:52:37 -0500


Visitor's Name: Brenda Shufeldt"

Comments: just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you from a distant cousin in Florida I've enjoyed spending the last hours with you on your web site listening to the wounderful music and rejoying in God's wounderful love with you thank you so much......love, hugs and blessings
Sign Time: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 22:11:32 -0500


Visitor's Name: Albert Y. Beset Jr.
You are from: Japan
Sign Time: November 28 1999 at 16:40:48


Visitor's Name: rosemary cline
You are from: ky orignally va now

Comments: enjoyed
Sign Time: November 21 1999 at 22:16:41


Visitor's Name: Roel Koster
You are from: Vriezenveen, the Netherlands

Comments: Great site! Go on with the good work.
Sign Time: November 19 1999 at 12:56:58


Visitor's Name: Mavis Dunsford
You are from: Christ The Redeemer (Anglican) Parish, Surrey,B.C.

Comments: Our church does have CCLI Licence, but, am at home right now and does not have the number with me. If you require it I will get it for you.
Sign Time: November 10 1999 at 11:34:37


Visitor's Name: Clark Hamblen
You are from: Southern California

Comments: loved songs and love you both too. Clark
Sign Time: October 28 1999 at 01:28:20


Visitor's Name: James
Homepage URL: Jesus is coming
You are from: York, SC

Comments: Thank you. I have been trying to find the music for "The Gospel Train", and other hard to find songs. Your page is very helpful.
Sign Time: October 21 1999 at 11:59:11

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