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To God be the glory!


Visitor's Name: Lennard Bourne
You are from: Canada

Comments: Dear Madam/Sir: I have just enjoy listening to some of your music, and I am very  impressed with your compositions. I am the conductor of a church orchestra, and would like to download some of the Midi and Audio files for my group to hear the music. I would like to arrange some of the songs for the orchestra to play at our church services. Our church has a CCLI license (#811573). Can you please inform me as to how I can obtain the Midi and Audio files. Thank you for your consideration.
Sign time: April 07 2001


Visitor's Name: Jo Browning
You are from: Pineville, WV

Your favorite H&HM song(s): He's Been So Good to Me
Sign Time: April 03 2001 at 23:59:21


Visitor's Name: David
You are from: Frankenmuth, Michigan

Comments: May the Lord richly bless your efforts to share your gift of music writing.
Sign Time: April 03 2001 at 22:03:24


Visitor's Name: Bode Adeloye
You are from: Nigeria

Comments: Before now, I've not laid my hands on any new songs for some weeks. Getting to this page and listening to these songs really got me edified and lifted. God bless you.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Our Sacrifice Of Praise and It Happened On Pentecost.

Sign Time: March 30 2001 at 16:35:32


Visitor's Name: The Cyber Hymnal

Comments: Enjoyed your site!
Sign Time: March 25 2001 at 19:26:38


Visitor's Name: Linda McGonigle
You are from: Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Comments: We have just started a young group of musicians in Church and this is a great site for listening to new music for them to learn to play. Visit our church at www.stcolumbscathedral.org Thank you

Your favorite H&HM song(s): too many to mention

Sign Time: March 25 2001 at 06:53:38


Visitor's Name: Richard Hamlin
You are from: branson, MO

Comments: Great looking stuff cuz! I'll have to come around often! Rich
Sign Time: March 22 2001 at 23:34:32


Visitor's Name: Roger Parker
Homepage URL: New Harmony Baptist Church
You are from: Tyler, Texas

Comments: Enjoyed your website.....I am glad to have gotten to know you guys through the chatroom....may God Bless your Ministries....Roger
Sign Time: March 19 2001 at 01:10:30


Visitor's Name: Cecelia
You are from: Fairlawn Church of Christ in Galax, VA

Your favorite H&HM song(s): A Throne Room For Your Glory
Sign Time: March 17 2001 at 19:32:01


Visitor's Name: Barbara Wagner
You are from: Greene, Iowa

Sign Time: March 15 2001 at 20:33:26


Visitor's Name: Sign4God
You are from: Texas

Comments: Keep up the good work. God will continue to bless!!!
Sign Time: March 11 2001 at 21:06:20


Visitor's Name: Rocky Schlange
You are from: Susanville, CA

Comments: WOW, What a great sight.
Sign time: March 07 2001 at 14:45:23


Visitor's Name: Caroline Rouse

Comments: Dear Mr. Hamblen. I am in sole charge of a volunteer choir at Cypress Glen Retirement Home in Greenville, NC.  Your hymn collection, "Give Him the Glory," has been recommended to me by Mrs. Grace Stafford (who also bought a book) of Louisburg, NC.  My choir is small in number -- no trained voices, but lots of enthusiasm and willingness to learn new songs.  Your collection fits our needs, and I would like to order it if the price is not prohibitive.  I would appreciate your sending me the price of the book. Thank you.  Sincerely, Mrs. Caroline T. Rouse.
Sign Time: March 7, 2001


Visitor's Name: Marlene Dietz

Comments: I just found your website and I've printed several of your songs. I'm not a  church musician but I'm going to pass some of this music on to those who are  musicians in my Church. Thanks for such superb Christian music.
Sign Time: 2 Mar 2001


Visitor's Name: Renae Williams
You are from: Greenville, NC

Comments: You really have a great site. I've enjoyed listening to your music.  I'm the Assistant Music Director of my church, and I really like some of the songs I've listened to this morning.  This is really a great web site.
Sign Time: February 28 2001 at 11:12:01


Visitor's Name: Andy Polk
You are from: Bath Foursquare Gospel Church, Bath, Maine

Comments: I was told about your site, and am pleased. I am trying to find other Christian music sites, to better our church and Worship services, to bring in the people God has called us to do. Thank you for keeping up he page, It is nice to know there is always help somewhere. Thanks Again, A. Polk
Sign Time: February 22 2001 at 21:40:23


Visitor's Name: Patricia Foust
You are from: Dundas, Il 62425

Comments: I really enjoy this website. I sing and I do not live close to a Music Store. This makes it easier for me to view and have the new Christian Music. Thank you.
Sign Time: February 22 2001 at 00:15:52


Visitor's Name: Ray Richards

Comments: My name is Ray Richards and sing in my spare time  at nursing homes ( mostly old hymns ) and have  decided I would like to make a CD to give to  friends and the seniors I sing to.  I would like  to include one of your songs , Cross Over the  River, on the CD. ( I downloaded it from the internet on your home page ).  I applied for a license to do this through CMRRA (Canadian Musical  Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd).  Unfortunately  you are not listed in their database and they said  I should contact you directly.  How do I go about  getting permission to use that song on a CD?
Sign Time: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 18:22:13 Canada/Eastern


Visitor's Name: Mandi Brown
You are from: Savannah, Ga

Comments: Thank You for this site and all like it, I am youth drama and music director at Faith Baptist Church. We are a small church with limited funds and are very thankful to resources like this that enable us to do new things at low cost.
Sign Time: February 20 2001 at 12:59:00

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