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To God be the glory!

Visitor's Name: Mary Z.
You are from: Kittery, Maine

Comments: What a Blessing to find you!  Combining Contemperary and conservative Congregational in one service has been hard.  With your music, it is so much easier.  The older members of the congregation are kind of stuck in tradition, but are really enjoying your songs...  I can't stay away and really appreciate your efforts to allow your songs to be copied for athers to use.  God bless your efforts.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): I havent found one that isn't a favorite!

Sign Time: 1/1/02 10:59

Visitor's Name: Brian Rieck
You are from: Shiloh Baptist Church Kingsport TN

Comments: As Praise band leader I love this site

Your favorite H&HM song(s)=The wings of a dove

Sign Time: 12/31/01 19:11

Visitor's Name: Chuck Reynolds
You are from: North Carolina

Sign Time: 12/18/01 4:03

Visitor's Name: Paul Labuschagne
You are from: South Africa

Comments: May God bless the ministry that He has given you.
Sign Time: 12/17/01 11:07

Visitor's Name: Thomas Sanders
You are from: West Freeway church of Christ, Fort Worth, Texas

Comments: To the Hamblen cousins: Thank your for making these songs available on the internet. I know it takes a lot of hard work and a significant amount of time to do so.  May God bless you in your efforts to provide scriptural songs by which christians may praise our Lord.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Lift Up Your Voices and Sing! and quite a few others.

Sign Time: 12/17/01 6:58

Visitor's Name: Ariel M. Manalo
You are from: Bordergate Baptist Church, Macao

Comments: Your song, "Sacrifice of Praise," is really uplifting. I would classify it as LOVE SONG for God. May God bless you.
Sign Time: 12/6/01 4:49

Visitor's Name: Barry Garner
You are from: Auckland New Zealand

Comments: Good site for christian music,and free for small churches that can not afford to spend alot on sheet music. May God Bless you for this site.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Let your glory shine

Sign Time: 11/30/01 00:23

Visitor's Name: Thomas
You are from: SONRISE, Fort Worth Texas

Sign Time: 11/27/01 13:25

Visitor's Name: Carol LaFleur
You are from: St. Peter's Church, Groves, Tex.

Comments: Thank you for filling the air with God's music!

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Many

Sign Time: 11/25/01 10:44

Visitor's Name: Mavis Dunsford
You are from: Christ the Redeemer Anglican Parish, Surrey,B.C.

Comments: Thanks for allowing us to share your lovely music.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Shine, Shine, Bethlehem Star

Sign Time: 11/17/01 9:02

Visitor's Name: Roman
Comments: I would love to be able to use your wonderful midis in email stationery to share with others.  If you'd allow it, I'd be glad to put a link back to your site.  Please advise.
Sign Time: 11/16/01 19:44.

Visitor's Name: Larry D of C
You are from: 3 Crosses Outreach Ministries, Y'Shuas Talmidim

Your comments: Wonderful, joyful worship... No doubt that a connection is intact between the Ruach HaKodesh and the Hamblen Brothers. We would like the music to the below listed songs, so we can add them to our outreach.  We go to the wino, drug and alcohol addicted.  The homeless the hungry, the impoverished.  Some might call them the dregs of society, we call them the Sons & Daughters - the Beloved of Yashua the Christ.  We bring food, clothing, worship music, but most of all an outstretched hand and a caring heart, we bring the way, the truth, & the LIGHT... And we ask for NOTHING in return.  That is what Yashua has told us is the Great Commission.
    We were playing in an alley in Lancaster one night, and at one point there was not a VISIBLE soul to be seen or counted, but we plunged on and played with al the power that YAHWEH gave us.  At the coffee shop later that night I mentioned to my second in command, "Maybe we should cancel next months program here and seek a larger crowd".  He looked at me with a tear in his eye and said, " Larry Do you believe that YASHUA came and Died for you?"  I said of course... He countered, "Do you believe that HE would have came JUST FOR YOU?"... I said, "Brother my Faith is based on that simple fact... He then wiped the tear from his cheek and touched my face with it and said, " If you trully believe that HE came and died for even but ONE, How many do you have to have???"   I have NEVER since nor will I ever again take a count. For I have been given sight and NOW I know that the battle that is taking place is OFTEN not visible to the human eye.  And I will NEVER again cheapen or discount the work that YAHWEH is accomplishing...
    All this is to say that your music is really not yours, it is a gift of GOD to man through you.  And I for one testify to its resounding power and glory for the kingdom.  I thank you brothers for your acceptance to perform this mighty task that YAHWEH has laid before you.  I as a man of GOD, but NO doctrinal affilliation want you to no that the LORD or GOD is happy with you. And HIS message to you is keep up the GOOD work, you Good & Faithful Servants.  Please go to our web site and read about us, 3crossesoutreach.com
Yours in the Love of Our Father,
Larry D of C

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Let your Glory Shine, Let the Light of Your Face, Gifts from GODS Heart, Cross over the River, A throne room for your Glory, It Happened at Pentecost, Glorify the Son, Great Light Shining, Our Sacrifice of Praise, Forever I do...

Sign Time: 11/12/01 1:54

Visitor's Name: Dixie Britton
You are from: Missouri

Comments: Thank you so much. I listened for hours. God bless you. I am learning to play the piano and what an inspiration it was to listen and print your gospel music. I will share this with our small church choir. Thanks again.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Our Sacrifice of Praise

Sign Time: 10/20/01 22:25

Visitor's Name: Bob Rogers
You are from: Tullahoma, Tennessee

Comments: Just discovered your site last night and it is such a blessing because you are certainly giving God the glory with the talents that He has given to you.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Haven't heard them all yet but really do like "He's Robed in Majesty" and "O God Above the Heavens."

Sign Time: 10/20/01 19:54

Visitor's Name: Claudette Minnis

Sign Time: 10/20/01 13:34

Visitor's Name: Patklmt@cs.com

Comments: Just signing your guestbook.
Sign Time: 10/17/01 7:25

Visitor's Name: Barry Garner
You are from: Auckland New Zealand

Comments: Lovely music, very well laid out web page. Thank you for your free music. I belong to a deaf and hearing Church here in Auckland NZ, and would like to use some of the music for worship. Bless you all in Jesus name.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): You are worthy O Lord. Jesus, O Jesus. Forever and ever

Sign Time: 10/9/01 14:35

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