To God be all the glory!  Great things He has done!

Visitor's Name: Annette Sweet

Comments: Hi, my name is Annette Sweet and I belong to a church that is being founded and we are starting a childrens choir.  We do not have a piano player nor organist.  Thanks to your site we do have sheet music to start with and would with your blessings like to download some of your music so that the children would be able to sing along with it.  If this is at all possible my email address is . . .
Sign Time: 5/21/03 8:19

Visitor's Name: Rev. G. Larry Summers
You are from: Clarksville, Florida

Comments: I have spent the last three hours enjoying the music you all wrote. I would like to do some of your songs for our quartet. I have not heard anyone doing any of your music here in Florida. Just wandering if you would consider putting any of the songs on a cd, with the background music in a lower key for some of the songs. Just wanted to let you know they are great. We are a quartet that ministers outside the church, but our church is the first priority. We do not charge but would rather minister and encourage folks and not have money ever be an issue. I know if we record a cd someday it would be nice to have orginal music on the cd. Thanks.  Because He Lives, Rev. G. Larry Summers, Pastor of Poplar Head Baptist Church.

(Requested music provided)

Sign Time: 5/13/03 16:27

Visitor's Name: Vicki Burtt
You are from: Aroostook County, Maine

Comments: This is a wonderful site.  Beautiful music and I love being able to print for my own use. Thank you.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): It Happened at Pentecost and Gifts From God's Heart

Sign Time: 5/13/03 7:13

Visitor's Name: Pastor Del Scrivner
You are from: New Hope Church

Comments: We are a small church and we use the midi for our praise and worship.  We would like permission to use your praise music to download for usage in our praise and worship.  Thank you very, very much.

Sign Time: 5/9/03  11:22

Visitor's Name: Cherie - Tony

Comments: How can I get the full midi for the church for "It Happened on Pentecost?
Sign Time: 5/7/03 13:19

Visitor's Name: Rachael
You are from: The Knoxville area

Comments: I love this site...I was looking for a song to sing for a church gathering of mine...and "Emanuel, God With Us" was perfect. Thanks so much!
Sign Time: 5/6/03 14:06

Visitor's Name: Ken & Jan King
You are from: Shingletown,Ca

Comments: We have been on a number of times but have not signed the book, sorry. We think the two of you are "the most" !!!

Your favorite H&HM song(s): "Reign in This Heart of Mine"

Sign Time: 4/16/03 22:19

Visitor's Name: Marianna

Comments:  I just read your story it sounds like a neat experience! Blessings in your future music projects!  Marianna
Sign Time: 4/8/03 20:03

Visitor's Name: Gail Kubat
You are from: Valley Springs, California

Comments: Your music, just reading it, draws me closer to the Living God.  We are so greatful you have made it possible to share in worship what your hearts through Christ have experienced.  You offer songs freely to our Lord, Jesus.  Hallelujah!  Praises to Him Alone!  Thank you, brothers in Christ.  I've passed these songs along to our worship leader at Good Samaritan Community Covenant Church.

Your favorite H&HM song(s):We'll visit your website again, and update you on those songs we've chosen to bring before the body.  They are all too marvelous.

Sign Time: 4/7/03 12:15 A.M.

Visitor's Name: Sonja Cummings
You are from: Small town, Alberta, Canada

Comments: Thank you for this site.  I just completed my ambulance education after being an EMT since 1986 and became a paramedic at the age of 47.  The only way I got through this program was because God wanted me to, then I realized that I really wanted it, also.  I figured that if I can focus for two years of education and become a Paramedic, then I can learn to play the piano, again.  I took six months of piano when I was 10 years old.  Yesterday I bought a digital piano and now I need music to play.  I will also have to research for a good piano teacher near here.  Thank you for this opportunity to find good christian music.
Sign Time: 3/30/03 9:03

Visitor's Name: Nikole Segale
You are from: Community United Methodist Church of Oldsmar, FL

Sign Time: 3/23/03 13:06

Visitor's Name: Winsome Forrester


Your favorite H&HM song(s): Magnified in me

Sign Time: 3/18/03 23:55

Visitor's Name: Sylvia Williams
You are from: Parksville, British Columbia

Comments: This is a new sight for me, but am quite excited to have found it.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Forever and Ever

Sign Time: 3/9/03 16:06

Visitor's Name: Pam Goretzky
You are from: Germany

Comments: I am the director of a gospel choir at a local church here, and I would really like to use some of your great music in our upcoming concerts.  The problem is that there is no CCLI in Germany.  We do have an organization called GEMA that is responsible for collecting performance fees on copyrighted musical works.  Is this sufficient for you?  As long as your works have an international copyright and we report the usage of them (which we will) you should receive any fees that you are entitled to.  Please let me know if we have your permission to perform your pieces.  Thanks, Pam
Sign Time: 3/3/03 3:16

Visitor's Name: Zenobia Coleman

Comments: Thank you for opening your sight for use by those interested in the ministry of music.  I appreciate the opportunity to visit your sight and view and hear the music there.  The sheet music is great.  Again, thanks!  May God continue to shine upon you and richly bless you.
Sign Time: 2/23/03 18:02

Visitor's Name: Linda Gresham

Comments: I love your music! Thank You for the wonderful song.  I like teaching them to our children. They especially like "He's Robed In Masjesty".  One of my favorite is "He's Been Good To Me".  We're a Lutheran Church in Detroit and I thank you again and look forward to visiting your site again. God bless you both always.
Sign Time: 2/22/03 8:24

Visitor's Name: Lena Ayer Kittrell
You are from: South Carolina

Comments: I have heard some of your midi music, and it is really good. It is a blessing to find others that love to write music and praise the Lord as I do.
Sign Time: 2/11/03 20:52

Visitor's Name: Melba Carter

Comments: What a blessing your website is.  Thank God, and thank you for doing this.  I have copied one piece of sheet music so far, "Jesus Be Magnified in Me"  I am glad we are allowed to use it with the CCLI Lisence.  Thanks again.
Sign Time: 2/7/03 14:56

Visitor's Name: Lyda Dryer
You are from: GOD'S HOUSE OF WORSHIP in Missouri

Comments: I just got here, but I think it mit be what I am looking for.  Thank You.
Sign Time: 2/6/03 11:38

Visitor's Name: Lorraine Castelluccio
You are from: Bogota, NJ

Comments: Please tell me how I can get a recording of these songs on your web site, especially "Our Sacrafice of Praise."  Please respond ASAP.  Thank you. (1/29/03)

    Jerry, I wanted to email you on Sunday, but the blizzard hit hard here in New Jersey,  and all I was doing was shoveling snow!!! This blizzard will go down in New Jersey's history books.
    Anyway, The CD arrived late Saturday. I played it immediately and it was perfect!!! Thank You, thank you, Thank You!!!!!
    We had choir practice on Sunday evening, an unfortunately we had only half the choir show up due to the storm.  I played the song and Danielle & Sara sang it, it was so beautiful.  We really did get a chance to practice it with the entire choir, however I plan on using this song for our March mass.  We also plan on signing "Holy Ground" and "El Shaddai," if your familiar with that song.
    Once again, thank you and I will let you know the progress of your song with our choir, and I will let you know, when I'll be sending you a copy.  (2/19/03)

Sign Time: 1/29/03 5:50

Visitor's Name: Malcolm Talbot
You are from: Midsomerset Community Church,Glastonbury, Somerset U.K

Comments: Been very blessed by the songs of worship on your Websight and look forward to many more!

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Emmanuel, God With Us; Before the Lord, My Praise Shall Rise

Sign Time: 1/29/03 15:04

Visitor's Name:

Comments: Thank you.
Sign Time: 1/19/03 13:31

Visitor's Name:

Comments: Thank you for the gift of your music, and may the Lord bless you and remain with you forever.

Sign Time: 1/16/03 15:39

Visitor's Name: Veronnica
You are from: Montana
Comments: I like the featured song playing but I can't get your full page to download.  I will try coming back again.  :o)

Sign Time: 1/9/03 9:30

Visitor's Name: Khamchin Naulak
You are from: New Delhi, INDIA

Comments: Your site is the source of my song. I don't know how I got into it, but I thank you very much for providing such a wonderful wonderful and essential one for worshiper of the God Almighty. May God bless you!

Your favorite H&HM song(s): I like all songs, but to pick one it should be "Lift up your voices and Sing".

Sign Time: 1/7/03 22:03

Visitor's Name: Becky

Comments: Jerry & Larry, Thank you so much for bringing joy to my heart with your music.  I have only begun to take piano lessons and cannot play any of your beautiful music yet, but you can bet I will one day!!!  Our Pastor's wife has a beautiful voice and even though she does not know it yet, I am going to be her personal pianist one day and will have her singing these songs in no time! Hehehe...shhh don't tell her, it's going to be a surprise!  Your kindness in letting us print out the sheet music warms my heart and I know these songs are already blessing many.  May the Lord shower blessings upon you and yours.  Your Sister in Christ.
Sign Time: 1/7/03 9:11

Visitor's Name: Morgan Milham

Comments: I am contacting you to ask if I can use the music for "Forever I Do" in my mom's wedding. You provide a wonderful resource. Thank you and God bless.
Sign Time: 12/19/02 11:13

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