To God be all the glory!  Great things He has done!

Visitor's Name: xenia rendon

Comments: Thank you for the work you made available to us with the Christmas music. If you have violin sheet music available for any of the praise songs or hymns, let me know.
Sign Time: 11/30/09

Visitor's Name: Jonathan Patrick

Comments:  Hi, this is the first time that I browsed your website and I am excited by what I see. May God bless you for sharing this wonderful songs in the way that you present it.


Sign Time: 11/5/09

Visitor's Name: Dorothy Brown

Comments:  :-)I am looking for praise songs to worship
Sign Time: 11/3/09

Visitor's Name: Laura Sands

Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 10/29/09

Visitor's Name: yemisi babalola

Comments:  thanks for this splendid service
Sign Time: 10/29/09

Visitor's Name: David Burckhardt

Comments: I know you're going to find this hard to believe, but I was looking for a Christmas theme song, and was reviewing your songs.  I think Love, Oh Such Love is real good...and would work as a Christmas theme song.  Can you do me a favor:  Would you re-write the1st verse and chorus, and chorus repeat and make the lyric vertical?  And a bonus would be to have Jerry edit the lead sheet and make a chord sheet as well?
Sign Time: 10/27/09

Visitor's Name: Roger Stahl

Comments: Hello!
Sign Time: 10/22/09

Visitor's Name: Lorraine Anderson

Comments: Hello Hamblen Musicians!

Thank you so much for your ministry of free sheet music such a big help to small churches like ours!

We have a Do-It-Anyway Band [i.e., if you havent played in many years, try anyway] in our church and its tricky to arrange the music for ourselves.  I play the [French] Horn, and like to harmonize with the piano and guitars, but have to write my own.  Can you help me with harmony that fits well with the piano, but for the Horn?  Id like us to prepare for Christmas:  The Baby Born in Bethlehem.

If you could help me the Horn part, Id be most appreciative!

Many blessings

Sign Time: 10/21/09

Visitor's Name: Courtney Dunn

Comments:  I praise the Lord for the music you have on here. It surely has been a blessing.  I was wondering if you have a CD I could purchase? I would like all the full songs.  May God bless you with his riches of His glory and His grace.
Praise be to God.
Sign Time: 10/7/09

Visitor's Name: Gloria Knowles

Comments: I have been so enriched spiritually by your music.....
The song for Christmas.... Shine, Shine Bethlehem Star was played and sung in the church we were was special song.  The Lord has led us back to a church we attended a number of years.   I am not a singer but play the piano. This is one of the Christmas songs I will be teaching them.
Sign Time: 9/29/09

Visitor's Name: Norma Page

Comments:  I absolutely love the easy listening music, and the words are so apprpriate too.  I came across this website in a search for something else, and quickly added it to my Favourites.  As a Church Organist I have opportunities to introduce new music through Offertories, and then give the music to others in Church can influence the music we use in the service.  I am starting by introducing this music to our Ladies' Group.  Keep up the great work God has given you to do.
Sign Time: 9/24/09

Visitor's Name: nancy

Comments:  thank you
Sign Time: 9/23/09

Visitor's Name: Thelma Downey

Comments:  Listening to your songs on Internet...
So very beautiful...

Such love
Such comfort
Such hope

- Playing organ at church in Northpark
- A Lutheran church in transition
- One of those tough assignments

His music is very much needed in this world...A little bit of heaven here on earth.

Thank you all and to God be the glory.

In His service

Sign Time: 9/21/09

Visitor's Name: james ngocho

Comments:  praise King Jesus
Sign Time: 9/18/09

Visitor's Name: Judy Ostwald

Comments: I have been listening to Draw Me and love it
Sign Time: 9/11/09

Visitor's Name: Tommy Guthrie

Comments: Thank you Jerry!  ... and since you mentioned it, I am planning on singing "Recorded In The Lamb's Book of Life" this Sunday morning.  I have saved the music of both the songs to my computer and am hoping I can transfer it to the computer in the sound room to play into the sound system as a sound trac.  But a cd would be better, I think.  I don't even know for sure that what I've done will work.  Do you think it will?

At any rate, thanks for your efforts and your ministry.  I had the priviledge of pastoring Larry way back in the late sixties!  We've just now reconnected.

Sign Time: 9/10/09

Visitor's Name: Al Francisco

Comments:  I like your songs. Our youth singing group called LightStream is singing "Cross Over the River" during church services. May God bless you more as you share more songs to other people.
Sign Time: 9/1/09

Visitor's Name: Josipa Bebic

Comments:  Hvala puno za sve vase pomoc da nadem sve ljepe krscanske pjesme!<3 (thank you so much for helping me fing nice christian songs!<3)
Sign Time: 8/31/09

Visitor's Name: meriam rodriguez

Comments:  :-)8-0
Sign Time: 8/31/09

Visitor's Name: Alan Butts

Comments:  Thank you.
Sign Time: 8/22/09

Visitor's Name: Patrice Adams

Comments: Do you have the words and vocal notes for "God With Us"?  A friend's son's name is Emmanuel and she did not know of this song.  I'd like to sing it to her, but do not remember how it goes.  I read music, so just the words and vocal notes are all I need.

Thank you.

In HIS name,

Sign Time: 8/22/09

Visitor's Name: jocelyn

Comments: Thank you for giving me a copy of the music sheet of You Are God in the key of D.  I always visit your site to listen to your music.

God bless you and more power

Sign Time: 8/9/09

Visitor's Name: Millie Swagerty

Comments: Congrats...and PTL...The Lord is still using both of you  to reach others with the message of God's love and our Thanks for it.
Sign Time: 8/5/09

Visitor's Name: Nichole Snyder

Comments: hi,i wanted to play this song in church on the piano,but when i printed it out there were alot of music that wasn't on it possible i could get all the music of this song,as i play the piano,and my sister plays the violin,and we would like to play solo and duet.      thank
Sign Time: 7/23/09

Visitor's Name: Carmel Madsen

Comments:  My husband and i are missionaries with American Missionary Fellowship.  Our church is small, but has a CCLI license.  Thanks for your ministry!
Sign Time: 7/22/09

Visitor's Name: Mike Schrimpsher

Comments:  I would like to down load some of your songs
Sign Time: 7/21/09

Visitor's Name: Lamont Stanford

Comments: Thank you for being here.:-)
Sign Time: 7/20/09

Visitor's Name: Crickett

Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 7/13/09

Visitor's Name: Adewoye

Comments: You are a blessing to Christdom in the world
Sign Time: 7/10/09

Visitor's Name: calvin mauk jr

Comments: request permistition us use music
Sign Time: 7/6/09

Visitor's Name: Ellen Slaven

Comments:  I just happened on to your website and opened it because I have a cousin whose name is Larry and one that was Jerry Hamblen,  Jerry has gone on to heaven now.  I really have enjoyed your site and will be visiting it more often to listen to other songs they are awsome.:-)
Sign Time: 7/3/09

Visitor's Name: Lorraine Anderson

Comments: Thank you for your free sheet music what a blessing!  How could we purchase a book of all your music?  We have a little band at church with a variety of instruments.  Is there an easy way to have the music transposed for say, trumpet or French horn or flute??????

Again, many thanks and blessings on your ministry.

Sign Time: 7/3/09

Visitor's Name: Jim Tracy

Comments: :-D
Sign Time: 6/23/09

Visitor's Name: Tony Fowler

Comments: Hi,my name is Tony Fowler and I just found your site yesterday.I love it ! But I have a problem....I found some songs that I really love and want our choir to learn but we have a blind pianist .So I was trying to burn the recorded music you have on piano for her to hear and learn the songs.But when I start to burn the CD it says...the files either has errors or missing burn rights.Can you tell me how to download the music? I only want 4 songs for her to learn for now and they are these files...HHM241,HHM250,HHM228,and HHM101.Please help me if you can,this is beautiful music I would love to hear in our church.Thank you so much and God Bless You. Keep this wonderful site going !! Tony.
Sign Time: 6/15/09

Visitor's Name: Paula Juedes

Comments: I am a church musician and look for music for our group, "His Royal Subjects", to perform for our services.  I came across your web site which indicated I could print your music.  We do not have a CCLI license.  Can I print your music to be used by our musicians?  Can I print it for congregational singing?  I do want to comply with any rules and/or regulations.  Listened to some of your compositions, and really like them.  I'm hoping I'll be able to share them with our musicians, and possibly with congregational singing too.

I read your story and enjoyed it.  I live in Wisconsin, about an hour and a quarter from oshkosh....  God Bless you.  Paula Juedes

Sign Time: 6/9/09

Visitor's Name: Deanie Yarbrough

Comments: Do you have an accompaniment track of Cross over the River by Larry A. Hamblen?
Sign Time: 6/3/09

Visitor's Name: Carol

Comments: Enjoying your site and beautiful songs. Is it possible to download music to use for backing tracks?
Sign Time: 5/26/09

Visitor's Name: judith green

Comments:  ;-)Thanks
Sign Time: 5/22/09

Visitor's Name: cornelia garrett

Comments: great sight enjoyed the music
Sign Time: 5/19/09

Visitor's Name: Gwendoline

Comments:  8-0Beautiful Song You Have Here.8-0
Sign Time: 5/14/09

Visitor's Name: christy

Comments: hey hamblen and hamblen you are awesome. I have been listening to the songs for like ever. i love the website.
Sign Time: 5/12/09

Visitor's Name: Jocelyn

Comments: I am happy to receive a reply message from you. Can I request a copy of the song YOU ARE GOD in the key of D? We need to sing it in a lower key in our singing group. I am happy to sing your songs for the Lord....
God bless us all
Sign Time: 5/10/09

Visitor's Name: L.Rowsen Moses

Comments: This piece is really nice. Great meaning and good music.
Kindly send the midis of the others also.
Sign Time: 5/6/09

Visitor's Name: Susan Huddleston

Comments: I was searching for the sheet music to an old camp song when I stumbled upon your website.  Oh, Do You Not Know was the featured song.  It grabbed me and I can't let it go.  I would love to present it to our elderly folks to learn. The words have such great meaning.  Thanks so much.
Sign Time: 4/27/09

Visitor's Name: Lee.Rooks

Comments:  We are a small senioirs church in Nakusp.  We are interested in groups comming our way to come and see us.Can you help us we do not have much cash so e-mail me if you can help. Eny other groups are welcome,we live around the hot spings in B.C. Contact me and I will see if we can get some mony to bring you here.
Sign Time: 4/23/09

Visitor's Name: Jackie Goode

Comments: I just want to say thank you for your web-site: Sing Praises.  By using the free sheet music that you have made available (and listening to the MIDIS) I am now playing the piano like I have never been able to do before.  I'm not talented like you and cannot play, write or compose as you do so your site is a blessing to me.

No other site that I have found offers original music as you do..  Your oringinal music  is the only music that I can play on the piano.   All other web sites have songs that are much harder.  Your songs may be less complicated but are very beautiful and the words are as meaningful as any of their music.

Thank you again for being so generous....  to allow me (and others) to enjoy the fruits of your talent and your love for our Lord!.  I pray God will bless in your lives!

Thanks Again

Sign Time: 4/21/09

Visitor's Name: ETAP

Comments: I would like to have Oh, Do You Not Know? in the Key of C please. I would so appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
Sign Time: 4/15/09

Visitor's Name: ILEA ADRIAN

Comments:  Hi!  My name is Adrian, Bucharest, Romania.  I like very much your songs .  I would like to know more about you.  These songs you closer to God.
God blessed you!
Sign Time: 4/14/09

Visitor's Name: Ronnie Turner

Comments:  I am enjoying the site so far.
Sign Time: 4/6/09

Visitor's Name: Margarita Oxford

Comments:  :-) You are a blessing.
thank you for allowing me the ability to play your music for my personal worship.
Sign Time: 3/28/09

Visitor's Name: betty williams

Comments:  love music
Sign Time: 3/26/09

Visitor's Name: Ed Meyers

Comments: I have not heard "He speaks peace to me" before tonight. I just love it, and I am hopefully wondering, if there are accompaniment trax, for this beautiful song?

If there is please tell me how I may purchase one!

Very Sincerely,

Sign Time: 3/25/09

Visitor's Name: Jocelyn

Comments: Thank you for sharing your musical talents...for God's glory. Please allow me to use your songs in our church though our church don't have a CCLI license.
Sign Time: 3/24/09

Visitor's Name: cathy martinez

Comments: thanks :)
Sign Time: 3/23/09

Visitor's Name: Kirby Waldburger

Comments:  I just found your web site, and am really enjoying it. I plan on using a few songs for the choir.

God bless your ministry, and thanks again!!

Sign Time: 3/16/09

Visitor's Name: Adelle North

Comments: Hello there.  Your music is wonderful!  I have a Christian web site and am seeking permission to use your midis as background music on pages from time to time.  I always credit the musician/s, © date if known, and a link back to the musicians site.  Please visit my site and see if it is an appropriate place for your midis to be shared.  If granted permission, kindly let me know how you would like the credit line to read (you can see how it is generally done by visiting any of the pages on the site).

Thank you for considering my request.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Sign Time: 3/9/09

Visitor's Name: Brenda (Hamblin) Korf

Comments: Larry, this is a wonderful website.
Sign Time: 3/6/09

Visitor's Name: Ruth M. Tingler

Comments: I would like to express to you how much you have been a help to me , and my church. I have learned new songs from your web site. We are a new mission and I need help in getting new songs May the Lord bless you as you seek to serve others. Sincerely Ruth M. Tingler music director.;-)
Sign Time: 3/4/09

Visitor's Name: Kathy Griffith

Comments: Thanks for sharing this site with me!  I just took a quick minute to visit it, and will listen in more detail as soon as I have more time, but loving what I heard so far!!! Such talent--what a blessing!
Sign Time: 3/4/09

Visitor's Name: Lemuel D. Ortilano

Comments:  :-}Could you transpose these piece for alto saxophone. I play saxophone but i don't have pieces for my instrument. I'm very much appreciate if you could provide me one.
Sign Time: 3/3/09

Visitor's Name: Cindy Robertson

Comments: I emailed you before telling you how much I enjoy your music, but I had to tell you again.  I absolutely love "Almighty God, How Great You Are" and "Jesus in Me".  I've been sitting at the organ playing some of your music and I just keep playing these two songs over and over.  The arrangements are absolutely beautiful as well as the lyrics.  You are truly gifted.  What a great ministry you have by sharing this beautiful music.  I can't tell you how much joy you have given me!
Sign Time: 3/2/09

Visitor's Name: Rev. Clarence Eisberg

Comments: Your brother was once a member our our congregation and put us on to your music.
Sign Time: 2/26/09

Visitor's Name: Colleen Wickes

Comments: Thank you so much for your beautiful music.  I would love to sing these songs for our church services here on this small little island, called Molokai in the state of Hawaii.  I truly love your songs, and I know the Lord truly is using the both of you to His own honor and glory.  I'm keeping you in my prayers, that the Lord will continue to use the both of you for many years to come, and bless you both abundantly.  I would love to have the song "Long Before Sunrise The Son Had Arose" transposed to a lower key.  The Ab is a comfortable key but when it is modulated to Bb, it is much to high for me.  Could you lower it to F & G.  Would really appreciate it.  Thank you so much.  May the Lord Bless and Keep you in the hollow of His hand.

Could you please email an SATB of Mender in the key of F.  Would appreciate it very much.

Thank you so much for sending me the music to Mender so quickly.  I would also like to have an SATB of Holy Vessel in the key of F also.  Once again, Thank you so much!  May the Lord Bless you abundantly!

Sign Time: 2/22/09

Visitor's Name: simon paulus

Comments:  thanks for your great works is for everyone in the whole world to share
Sign Time: 2/22/09

Visitor's Name: Marcia Brett

Comments: My choir just loved "He Speaks Peace to Me".   We sang it last Sunday.  I added three more verses of my own!!   Hope that is okay with you. Needless to say, we don't sing for 'financial' profit.

I also sing with a gospel group and we have  had a wonderful response to "Cross Over the River."  Again, our music ministry is a free gift to neighbouring congregations.

Keep up the wonderful work!

Sign Time: 2/16/09

Visitor's Name: Lori Fleetwood-Watt

Comments: :-) love your beautiful music.....i sent the info to my mom who is a music director in nevada..........
thanks!  God bless your ministry.....i look forward to becoming a regular vistor to your website.....
Sign Time: 2/6/09

Visitor's Name: jim white

Comments: Will you please send me the bass lines for There is none like you O LORD. I love this song keep up the good work. GOD BLESS YOU .
Sign Time: 2/3/09

Visitor's Name: jenni rowena francis

Comments:  :-)8-0;-)
Sign Time: 2/1/09

Visitor's Name: Stanley Henderson

Comments:  Thanks for all the good work that you are doing for the Lord.  I can't speak for everyone but as for my church and me you are invaluable. there is always something fresh and uplifting on your site.

You are always in our prayers.

Sign Time: 1/31/09

Visitor's Name: Barbara Smith

Comments: Great music!!!
Sign Time: 1/29/09

Visitor's Name: nikki

Comments: 8-08-0
Sign Time: 1/27/09

Visitor's Name: june williams

Comments: Do you have any Easter hymns with sheetmusic anywhere free?
Sign Time: 1/27/09

Visitor's Name: Pat Williams

Comments: I found your site very interesting.
Sign Time: 1/23/09

Visitor's Name: Cindy Robertson

Comments: I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your music and how grateful I am that you make the sheet music available.  I play the organ at two churches every Sunday morning and love to use your music for offertories, preludes and postludes.  The music is so well written, even us non-professionals can play it!  Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

I have to be your biggest fan (other than Carol).

Both of the churches I play for are small United Methodist churches and they share a pastor (and an organist).  I play for the Good Shepherd Church in Park Layne and then drive the short distance for the service at the Brandt United Methodist Church in Brandt, Ohio.  Both churches are on the outskirts of Dayton, Ohio.

The Good Shepherd church has a congregation of older folks and their service is a traditiional service with the organ being the only music.  Brandt United Methodist church has a praise band called the Joyful Noise and that service is a "blended" service with modern praise music and then a traditional, closing hymn on the organ.  I only play the organ there for the offertory and for the closing hymn.  Actually, there are two of us ladies at that church that play the organ which is rare in this day and age.

I enjoy so many of your songs, it would be hard for me to choose one as a favorite.  Today for offertory, I played When You Pass Through the Waters.  What a beautiful piece.  I just found it on your website this week and fell in love with it the minute I heard it.  Then for prelude today, I played With My Whole Heart - I love it, too.  After the servide at Good Shepherd, a visitor came up to me and said she enjoyed my beautiful music.  I felt like I was bumbling a bit today, but she insisted the music was wonderful.  I told her that I think God cleans up my errors so their ears only hear the music the way God intended.

I guess one of my favorite songs would be Come, Lord Jesus, Come.  The pianist for the Joyful Noise and I have paired up a few times to play that together, with him on the piano and me on the organ.

Some that I have used for the last few years are "Love, Oh, Such Love", "Jesus is Worthy of All Our Praise", "He's Been Good to Me", "More, More Like You" and so on.

I, like Carol, love the organ, but I love playing the musical score to your songs on the piano, too.  I'm so blessed and thankful to have your music so others can enjoy it.  I just hope I do it justice.

Than you again for making the music available, you are indeed spreading God's word through your talented writings.  I can't think of any suggestions for your website at all.  I find it very user friendly.  I can lose myself in that music for hours!

Sign Time: 1/17/09

Visitor's Name:

Sign Time: //09

Visitor's Name: Stella Trout

Comments: Keep writng Praise songs.I reall do enjoy them.
Sign Time: 1/11/09

Visitor's Name: Vincent Smith

Comments: We would like to get some of that there sheet music.:-)
Sign Time: 1/6/09