To God be all the glory!  Great things He has done!

Visitor's Name: Olen Spaulding

Comments: I am working with the children at church, teaching them to sing songs of praise. I found your website and have been listening to your songs and music; there are five that I would like to teach the children. I printed out the sheet music, and would like to download the music if it is possible, if it is please give me instructions. Your brother in Christ.
Sign Time: 12/28/10

Visitor's Name:
Comments: I hope you remember me from a few years back. I recorded one of your songs and you once used it as a sample for your website visitors, it's one of my favorite songs of all time.  Here's the link to the recording:

Lord willing, I hope to record some more of your wonderfully spiritual creations.  bro. leroy

Sign Time: 12/22/10

Visitor's Name: duday
Comments: 8-0
Sign Time: 12/21/10

Visitor's Name: Phil Wilson
Comments: LARRY...Just got on your website after a LONG time away!  Just LOVE "In the Silence of This Moment" especially the ending!  AWESOME buddy... keep up the good work.
Sign Time: 12/16/10

Visitor's Name: Jackie Thorpe
Comments: Thank you so very much for your lovely songs which you've shared with us.
    I've sung several of your Christmas songs over the past 10 days in various church meetings and everyone has remarked on the beautiful songs. So thank you very much.
    Every blessing to you and your families at this Christmastime.
Sign Time: 12/16/10

Visitor's Name: Brenda Kidd Shufeldt
Comments: Larry and Jerry just wanted to tell you one of your Christmas songs is being sang in a Lutheran  Church and an Episcopalian Church here in Crystal River, Florida this week end...
Blessings and Merry Christmas to you both.

Your Cousin Brenda Kidd Shufeldt....

Sign Time: 12/15/10

Visitor's Name: Beth Davis, 1st Presbyterian Church
Comments: Thank you for the offer to transpose to a different key.  I would like to have “God’s Gift of Love” transposed to the key of C, and SATB is fine. Please let me know if you need anything else ~ thank you!
Sign Time: 12/12/10

Visitor's Name: Susanne Johnson
Comments: Hi,
we are a German choir named QuintusSense, and we are in need of the music sheets for the song "It happened on Pentecost". We would like to purchase the choir sheets and piano sheets for that song.
How much would that cost us?
Sign Time: 12/7/10

Visitor's Name: Gloria Knowles
Comments: I would like to use the song I Thank You, Lord for Christmas Time for our Beulah Band players and singers  in the care homes....would it be possible for you to transpose the lead sheet in the key of F.  It would be greatly appreciated.
Sign Time: 11/24/10

Visitor's Name: Gloria Knowles
Comments: Jerry, No it isn't too late at all in fact our worship group of musicians heard the song last evening and will be using it somewhere in our services at Christmas.
Thank you for the lead sheet transposed in the key of Bb.. .  We do appreciate your  gift and the effort of transposing it in the desired key.
Our Pastor writes Christmas plays and it will be fitted into the play somewhere for our Community Christmas service on the 5th December.
Sign Time: 11/5/10

Visitor's Name: Denise McKelroy
Comments: In the Silence Of This Moment. I am not sure which key, I just need it a couple of steps lower. SATB…Thank you for your wonderful ministry!
Sign Time: 10/27/10

Visitor's Name:
Comments: Hi Folks:  Love your music and we have been introducing it at various Church functions and intend to continue. I was wondering if you have a specific repetoire of Christmas Songs that are just a bit different from the norm. I have found " The Story of Christmas" and "Shine, Shine, Bethlehem Star" on your list but maybe you could direct me to others. Many thanks.
Sign Time: 10/15/10

Visitor's Name: Joanne Jones
Comments:  hello
Sign Time: 10/5/10

Visitor's Name: Alice Derrick
Comments:  I've only been to this site once and need to try some more songs.
Sign Time: 9/30/10

Visitor's Name: Betty Walter
Comments:  Thank you for all this wonderful music.8-0
Sign Time: 9/28/10

Visitor's Name: Victor  Horatio  McGill
Comments:  8-0
Sign Time: 9/25/10

Visitor's Name:A nna Fojtová
Comments: Pleas, I need some gospel tones for classic guitar. Thank you so much. Fojtová
Sign Time: 9/19/10

Visitor's Name: Gloria Knowles
Comments: Hi Jerry
It is at this time that I begin to look for Christmas songs for our church and also for our Beulah band group that go to the Care homes at Christmas time."The words for the song "I thank You Lord for Christmas Time" look good.....however the midi is not working.....are you aware of this?  Could you check it out please?

The song Emmanuel, God With Us is so beautiful......would it be possible for you to write the lead sheet in Bb?
I just appreciate your songs so much and always check your site first .......

I have just down loaded The Story of Christmas,I Make My Boast in the Name of the Lord and Lord, We Worship at Your Feet .

Thank you and blessings on you and Larry for sharing your gift so willingly for the Lord.

Sign Time: 9/17/10

Visitor's Name: jai
Comments:  we stand
Sign Time: 8/30/10

Visitor's Name: Brenda Kidd Shufeldt
Comments:  I just got back into your site after being away way too long. your new music is wounderful!!!
Sign Time: 8/26/10

Visitor's Name: Yvonne Joseph
Comments: Please email In Your Presence, Holy Presence.  Thank you.
Sign Time: 8/24/10

Visitor's Name: Alfred Rapthap (from India)
Comments: Hello and goodwishes to you,
I found your website very useful as I’m trying to search hymns like Lord I lift Your Name on High (SATB), Our God is an Awesome God, Lord I lift Your Name on High all in satb sheet or midi but couldn’t find. So I tried listening to your hymns, they are great and awesome. Thanking for letting me see and listen to some of your great music. If you can send me the background track on ‘Let Your Glory shine’, I would be grateful. I can try to sing with our group in any prayer meets. Yes, if you can also help me with the above songs, I would be grateful, since they are common hymns which we would like to sing anytime.
Sign Time: 8/22/10

Visitor's Name: Guethlie Denizard
Comments:   I just have to share with you what your website has done for me.  I keep singing all the days and my  thoughts stay on the kingdom of God.   I thank you for the bottom of my heart because you are helping me in ways that you can’t realize; only God can tell.  He is the One that brought me to you and all the glories go to Him.  Keep posting these songs.  God will bless you.
Sign Time: 8/15/10

Visitor's Name: Robin Griffiths
Comments:  Very nice!
Sign Time: 8/10/10

Visitor's Name: Guethlie Denizard
Comments: Thank you so much for the songs and music sheet.  I feel blessed. Thank you again8-0
Sign Time: 8/7/10

Visitor's Name: MaryRuby Sellier
Comments: I enjoyed visiting your website
Sign Time: 8/1/10

Visitor's Name: Carl Glammeyer
Comments: I was wondering if you have drum sheet music to hymns?
Sign Time: 7/21/10

Visitor's Name: Beth Hallauer
Comments: Thank you for sharing these songs. I am considering using Emmanuel, God With Us for my Sunday School children during the Advent season. Beautiful, heartfelt messages paired with memorable melodies and harmonies.
Sign Time: 7/17/10

Visitor's Name: Jocelyn G.
Comments: Hope you guys are doing fine.  I always visit your website to check updates from you.  Its been awhile since I downloaded a song from this website.  Good health is my prayer for both of you. There are many singers but songwriters like you are rare. I hope you will continue writing songs for the Lord because its a great blessing to all of us :-)
Sign Time: 7/12/10

Visitor's Name: Nick Cruz
Comments: Larry, Jerry and Carol Hamblen and others, Thank you very much for allowing access to your beautiful songs. May God continue to bless you in many ways just as we are blessed singing your songs!
Sign Time: 7/4/10

Visitor's Name: sidney scott jr
Comments: Can you e-mail the song "Jesus Lord of All in the key of F major. I need the lead sheet
Sign Time: 7/2/10

Visitor's Name: Rose Miller
Comments:  I just found your site and have printed some of your music.  Thank you
Sign Time: 7/1/10

Visitor's Name: David
Comments:  hi my church name in English is Liberty Baptist Church :-)
Sign Time: 6/14/10

Visitor's Name: gem
Comments:  8-0 Thank you for the music.
Sign Time: 6/14/10

Visitor's Name: Janis
Comments: Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and uplifting songs of praise for our Lord and Savior, and for further sharing the sheet music to most of them.  May the Lord richly bless you in your ministry.
Sign Time: 6/1/10

Visitor's Name: Sharon Morgan
Comments: Dear Jerry and Larry,
Thank you so much for your fabulous website and for allowing yourselves to be used of the Lord in such a way.  Your site was recommended by a friend who stumbled upon it and I was touched by every song that I listened to.

The Lord has given me the gift of music as well, singing in various churches and being part of our praise team.  I am also beginning a music ministry in the community to spread God's word.  I fell in love with your song "Patmos Praise", and was wondering if there is any possibility that I might be able to get a copy of an MP3 so that I may sing this?  I really love the Midi music that you have on the site and would be honored if you would allow me to use your instrumental background as well as the song.

Thank you very much for your ministry,

Sign Time: 5/26/10

Visitor's Name: clemen carl de guzman
Comments:  hi! could you share some useful scores for church?
Sign Time: 5/26/10

Visitor's Name: jacqui
Comments: mighty one holy is your name
Sign Time: 5/20/10

Visitor's Name: Brenda J. Chapman
Comments: I just listened to some of your midi's.  I cannot tell you how beautiful and inspiring they are.  I hope you won't mind if I share them with my song director and congregation.  They are so inspiring to me  and I'm sure they will be inspired as well.

God has given you a wonderful talent and I'm for on am Thankful that you choose to share with all Christian people. Thank you again for such a wonderful blessing in song.  God Bless in all you do.

Sign Time: 5/19/10

Visitor's Name: Ingrid de Jager
Comments: What a blessed find. - My Husband and I are VERY involved in teaching music to the underpriviledged children/Youth in our area, to help them find a way from the rife problems (Physical Abuse - Alchol/Drugs - Young Pregnacies) so thank you Thank you THANK YOU
Sign Time: 5/19/10

Visitor's Name: Kathy Hampton
Comments: Thank you so much for making your music available!  You have so many beautiful, fresh songs that glorify God, and they deserve to be at the top of the charts in Christian music.  I downloaded some pdf's and MIDI files, and can't wait to learn to play them.
Sign Time: 5/12/10

Visitor's Name: Eleanor
Comments:  I stumbled across your web site.  What a Blessing :-).  I was thrilled to find midi accompaniment and lead sheets in more than one key.
Sign Time: 5/8/10

Visitor's Name:
Comments:  Love your music and so does my choir.  My minister accompanies me on his quitar. There great for a quick learn and I feel that the words truly have great meanings.  Thanks.
Sign Time: 4/28/10

Visitor's Name: Lorraine Anderson
Comments: Hello. Could you transpose In the Silence for French Horn for me?  If it is written in D then I play in A, and prefer to play a harmony … so perhaps the SATB would be helpful.  Are you able to write any arrangements to any of your music, specifically for Horn accompaniment?  If so, that would be a great gift!  I’m an amateur Horn player, and enjoy our little church band so, so much!
Sign Time: 4/27/10

Visitor's Name: Christine
Comments: Hi.  I am interested in obtaining the sheet music for In The Silence of this Moment in SATB.  I have seen it on the website but am wondering if there is sheet music with separate piano accompaniment.  Not being a pianist myself, I wondering what she is supposed to play.  Can you help me?  Thank you
Sign Time: 4/27/10

Visitor's Name: Dorothy Hogue
Comments: Thank you for your inspirational praise songs.
Sign Time: 4/25/10

Visitor's Name: Moritikei Naivanawalu
Comments: May God continue to bless you with your talents so wonderfull to listen to the midi music and sing the lyrics at the same time.
Sign Time: 4/24/10

Visitor's Name: Hung
Comments: I was looking for something else on the net and stumbled upon your site. Good thing I did to. In the silence of this moment, the song playing. Just captivated me and kept me coming back. Please continue your great work.
Sign Time: 4/18/10

Visitor's Name: Kevin Parry
Comments: First time visiting your site.  Looking forward to exploring your site and listening to you music.  Thanks for sharing,
Sign Time: 4/17/10

Visitor's Name: Uwe Karrer
Comments: Dear Larry,

nice to hear from the composer of the song we sang. Really amazing.
I visited your website –  which is great – and assume we surely will sing more of your songs in masses or another concert for the renovation of our church.

Best regards,

Sign Time: 4/15/10

Visitor's Name: Judy Ostwald
Comments: Dear Hamblens,

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy your songs. We live in a small town, small church with a small choir and very small budget.

When I discovered your site I was thrilled.  Everything we have done so far has brought tons of praise from our congregation.  The arrangements make our choir sound big and full, they love that and most of all we love the words, since that is our primary ministry.

I wanted you to know what a blessing this site is to us.  Thank you so much.

Judy Ostwald from Thompson Falls, Montana

Sign Time: 4/15/10

Visitor's Name: merla graves
Comments:  I had gotten on the internet looking for the words to a song that I needed and came across your website.  I stopped in my tracks.  The music was so soothing to my spirit and my soul I could hardly believe it. My daughter is a burn victim and she gives her testimony at different churches and I do the singing for her.  God changes it each time, depending on who is in the congregation.  There has been many souls saved by my daughters scars.  Her husband set her on fire with the intent to kill her for insurance money. But our God, spared her life and she is a walking Miracle.  So if you have the words to " Have you met the man from Galilee", I would be glad to pay for them.  The testimony is this Sunday at our home church.
Thank you in advance.:-)
Sign Time: 4/12/10

Visitor's Name: Christy Mizell
Comments: I think I'm going to love this new sight I just found
Sign Time: 4/4/10

Visitor's Name: Lawrence Thorpe
Comments: Hello Larry/Jerry, I have been searching the net for particular Hymns when I came across your site. When it started to play 'In the silence of this moment' I was stricken by the beauty of it and I am not ashamed to say that it reduced me to tears. Lovely music and beautiful words. I am only a self taught keyboard player but a friend of mine comes to visit me every week and we play together. All hymns and choruses. I was searching for the music to Majesty, worship his majesty, unto Jesus be all glory, power and praise. That is the first line. I wondered if you had it available in the key of G or F or Bb. Also would it be possible to put 'In the silence of this moment' into any of those keys. It makes it a lot easier for my friend and I. God Bless you both for committing yourselves to the Lord. Best regards, Larry Thorpe.
Sign Time: 3/29/10

Visitor's Name: stephen stone
Comments:  thank you for this music
Sign Time: 3/28/10

Visitor's Name: Thelma Downey
Comments:  Dear Ones,  I thank God for your music.  When I was playing at the Lutheran Church in San Diego, I needed beautiful music that I could copy without copyright infringement.  Oh, what love to share with the Body of Christ.

His mercy, His love, His compassion...

Thank you all.

Yours in Christ,

Sign Time: 3/26/10

Visitor's Name: Medhanie Fekadu
Comments:  May God bless your work.I realy blessed by your website and the sheet music and songs inside.I found your website Suddenly.i have almost downloaded every song. And I have got the chance to play new songs in my church. God bless you Abundently.
Sign Time: 3/23/10

Visitor's Name: Beloved Chukwudile
Comments: Dear Hamblem, I sincerely appreciate what God is using you to do through songs. I have listen to almost all your songs on net but there is this song that I want the full version of it. It is “It happened on the Pentecost” I would be grateful if you can send the full mp3.
Sign Time: 3/15/10

Visitor's Name: David Vaughn
Comments:  :-)Great music. Just found you today. I'll be back to hear more!
Sign Time: 3/11/10

Visitor's Name: Maurice Jephter
Comments:  This is a great website . I always wanted to find music that I can easily played . This is helping me improve play better in church.
Sign Time: 3/8/10

Visitor's Name: Chris van den Berg
Comments: :-)Fantastic. Keep up the good work and God Bless.
Sign Time: 3/8/10

Visitor's Name: Tim Burns
Comments:  I love your site and your music.  Thanks for sharing.  May God Bless you as you have so richly blessed me.
Sign Time: 3/7/10

Visitor's Name: Linda Roberson
Comments: I love the song "Recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life" and many other of your songs.  Would you be able to lower this song for me....the lowest key you have it in is D....Could this be lowered please in SATB.......Thanks so much!

Linda Roberson
New Hope Church of the Brethren
Stuart, VA

Sign Time: 3/3/10

Visitor's Name: Danny D
Comments: Thank you so much for your music.  It is so refreshing to find the kind of Christian music I love to play and sing.
Sign Time: 2/27/10

Visitor's Name: Victor Rea
Comments: Recently found your site and thanks for the great music.  Are you guys related to Stuart Hamblen?
Sign Time: 2/21/10

Visitor's Name: ify
Comments:  8-0
Sign Time: 2/15/10

Visitor's Name: EUNICE CHO
Comments: :-)I'm so happy to find this web-sit.  I hope that I can have great music sheets in here. Thank you for your kindness and God bless you.
Sign Time: 2/14/10

Visitor's Name: Rewin
Comments: 8-0
Sign Time: 2/14/10

Visitor's Name: 4CHRIST2010
Comments: 8-0
Sign Time: 2/1/10

Visitor's Name: Mrs. Connie Weimer
Comments: Thank you so very much for providing sheet music free of charge.  May your website receive many blessings in order for you to continue with this ministry.  The songs are so good.  Thank you again.
Sign Time: 1/31/10

Visitor's Name: Ladena Bough
Comments: I accidentally happened upon your site and have found your music so fulfilling.  I have started playing some of them on my accordion at church and wanted to send my thanks to you.  Blessings upon your wonderful ministry
Sign Time: 1/22/10

Visitor's Name: Jody
Comments: Thank you for your excellent music
Sign Time: 1/20/10

Visitor's Name: Ernest  King
Comments: Thank you for making your music web site.
Its hard to find Christian sites that have no spam.
Sign Time: 1/20/10

Visitor's Name: Nick Cruz
Comments:  THANK you thank you thank you...for sharing your gifts.

Nick Cruz
Taytay, Philippines

Sign Time: 1/18/10

Visitor's Name: Alan Nanai
Comments:  I am new in creating backing trackd for singing in the chapel and I am really searching for anyone that can help me with some ready tracks that I can use for our local church. I have formed a singing group of 5 boys and we are passionate about singing for the Lord

Can you help out:-(

Sign Time: 1/7/10

Visitor's Name: Jackie Thorpe
Comments:  Only discovered your beautiful songs in December - and was able to sing Love oh such love, how amazing - as a solo at our Carol service. What a blessing that song was to so many people who were at that service. Hoping to be able to sing many more of your songs during this year.
May the Lord to continue to richly bless you - and us through your ministry in music and song
Sign Time: 1/14/10

Visitor's Name:
Comments:  Good to come across your homepage. I indeed enjoy the songs.

Thank You.

God bless your ministry.

Sign Time: 1/12/10

Visitor's Name: C Braid
Comments: hello
Sign Time: 1/11/10

Visitor's Name: Lavonne Derksen
Comments:  Hi!

I have just come across your site and enjoyed reading your bio while I listened to "Oh Do You Not Know". I am a mother of 6 children who sing and play instruments at about 25 functions a year such as church services, fund raisers, nursing homes and banquets. (I also dabble in song writing- mostly for something new for the children to sing.) You mention that if we make copies of any of your songs, we need to report to CCLI. How does that work for individuals? Can I print music from on your site for my family to sing? Do I pay you or do I have to become a member of CCLI? . . .

Blessings from chilly Saskatchewan Canada!

Sign Time: 1/8/10

Visitor's Name: Michelle
Comments: God Bless You 8-0
Sign Time: 1/6/10

Visitor's Name: Rennie Rees
Comments: enjoy your site!
Sign Time: 1/5/10

Visitor's Name: Bill Taylor
Comments:  I love your music, and encourage people to go to your site and enjoy.  I would like to download the accompaniment for  “Let Your Glory Shine”  Thank you so much for your music.  It is truly inspirational.
Sign Time: 1/3/10

Visitor's Name: Samuel Whodokweh Jacobs
Comments:  I am very glad I came across this site, and I really like to thank you for the help that many are finding on this site
Sign Time: 1/2/10