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Love, Oh, Such Love


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1. That He would leave all the wonder of heaven,
Lay aside all His glory divine;
That He would stoop just to dwell here among us,
Oh, what love from this Savior of mine!

Chorus: Love, oh, such love, how amazing,
Love, oh, such love, just for me;
Love, oh, such love, without measure,
O Gift of God, for all to receive.
(last time add) for all to receive,
for all to receive, to receive.

2. "Immanuel," the Prophet proclaimed Him,
"God with us," His name from above;
A virgin girl would bring forth a Boy Child,
Precious Gift of our Father's sweet love!

3. From Bethlehem, a quaint village in Judah,
The King of the Ages would rise;
Eternal God, condescending to save us,
Oh, what love from this Savior of mine!

Words by Larry A. Hamblen; Music by Jerry D. Hamblen.
Copyright 1999 Hamblen & Hamblen Music.
All Rights Reserved.  CCLI #: 2615756.

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