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The free praise and worship music of Larry A. Hamblen & Jerry D. Hamblen

We Don't Need Stone Walls Around Us


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We don't need stone walls around us
to protect us from the storm;
We don't need a cache of weapons
as we fight this holy war.
All we need He has provided,
And we're trusting in His name!
For we have the Lord of glory,
And His promises to claim!

Chorus: We don't need a wall around us,
For the Lord is in our midst;
And He is a fire around us,
And His glory is within.
Let us sing His praise forever,
Let us trust His holy name!
For He is a fire around us,
And His Spirit is the flame.

Words and music by Larry A. Hamblen.
Copyright 2002. Hamblen & Hamblen Music.
All Rights Reserved.  CCLI #: 4883706.

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