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The free praise and worship music of Larry A. Hamblen & Jerry D. Hamblen

Emmanuel, God With Us


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1. So far away and long ago,
A promise made through prophets old,
A virgin shall conceive a Son, "Wonderful."
His name shall be called "Wonderful,
The Counselor, the Mighty God,
The Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, God With Us."

Chorus: The prophets, the promise, the hope, the story of old;
The angels, the shepherds, the wisemen, the manger cold.
In Bethlehem, a Child is born,
A mother smiles, a Baby warm;
The Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, God with us.
(Final ending: The Prince of Peace is He, our Lord, Emmanuel).

2. Whoever heard of such a thing,
A virgin girl would birth a King,
Jehovah God was He, eternal mystery.
The shepherds came, and worshiped Him,
The Magi, too, their gifts to bring,
The angels sang their praise,
All heaven's hands were raised.

Words by Larry A. Hamblen and Jerry D. Hamblen; Music by Jerry D. Hamblen.
Copyright 2003 Hamblen & Hamblen Music.  All Rights Reserved.
CCLI #: 4420183.

* Vocalist for MP3: Leroy A. Rasberry Sr.

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