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The free praise and worship music of Larry A. Hamblen & Jerry D. Hamblen

Shepherd King


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    Lead sheet key of C     SATB key of C

1. When lost upon the mountain steep,
My soul had gone astray;
This Shepherd came and rescued me,
Brought me back into His way.

He lifted me in arms of love,
Restored me as His own;
I stand redeemed by Jesus’ blood,
Now heaven is my new home.

Chorus: O Shepherd King, Be Thou my Guide,
In paths of righteousness;
Thy rod and staff, they comfort me,
And in Thy name I’m blessed.

2. O Shepherd King, I’ll follow You,
Wherever You may lead;
By waters calm or raging seas,
I will put my trust in Thee.

In pastures green or deserts dry,
Your sweet voice I will heed;
I’ll follow You, my Shepherd King,
Wherever You may lead.

Alt. Chorus: O Shepherd King, You are my Guide,
In paths of righteousness;
Your rod and staff, they comfort me,
And in Your name I’m blessed.

Words by Larry A. Hamblen; music by Jerry D. & Larry A. Hamblen
Copyright 2011 Hamblen & Hamblen Music.
All Rights Reserved.  CCLI #: 6182883

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