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To God be the glory!

Visitor's Name: Patti

Comments: Hello, My name is Patti and I share the leading our Worship services and direct the Choir at our Church (First Church of God).  I am very interested in downloading some of your wonderful music.  Do I need to let you know which ones I would like?  Thanks so much for sharing your gift! In Christ, Patti
Sign Time: 4/30/02 15:57

Visitor's Name: Barry Saunders
You are from: Burlington Ontario Canada

Comments: I have enjoyed many moments of meditation listening to and reading your music. I used one "Cross over the River" as a ministry of music in a church service recently. I wrote a verse which you may be interested in hearing.
The cross was God,s answer to sin and disgrace;
Your sins are forgiven by His loving grace.
So get right with your Saviour and  make no delay.
He"ll guide you and bless you on life's winding way.
God Bless! Sincerely,  Barry Saunders

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Cross over the River

Sign Time: 4/29/02 20:49

Visitor's Name: Robert Bell
You are from: Burnopfield, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Comments: Looks to be a really useful site as I am hoping to introduce more modern songs to my Church.
Your favorite H&HM song(s): Don't know yet.
Sign Time: 4/11/02 15:47

Visitor's Name: Buddy Heath
You are from: Rutherfordton, NC

Comments: I just found out about this site from a friend. It is a blessing to be able to have access to such fine music. God bless you in your contributions.
Sign Time: 4/7/02 17:14

Visitor's Name: Stan Thomas
You are from: Epiphany Lutheran Church (LCMS), in Jersey Village, Houston, TX.

Comments: I wanted to thank you for taking your time to transpose Glorify the Son for me.  I sang your new version during both of our services this past Sunday and  it was very well received.
    Our church is Epiphany Lutheran Church (LCMS), in Jersey Village, Houston, TX and I think that I can say that everyone received and welcomed these words of praise with open hearts and minds.
    You both produce very well thought out music. I am glad you have been able to reach so many and have made your music so available to everyone.   I have given your web address to our Senior Pastor and our Music Director as they both look for new sources for our services. I also notified our secretary to include this in our next CCLI report.
    I will be looking over your music from time to time for additional songs.
    Please keep us 'lower' voices in mind as some of the high notes cause us to quake and break a little  :-).
    Thank you both again.
    In Christ's Love
Sign Time: 3/20/02 5:49

Visitor's Name: Joe & Rosa Lee Bond
You are from: Ozark, Arkansas

Comments: Good Job
Sign Time: 3/18/02 21:42

Visitor's Name: Dave Burroughs
You are from: LaBelle Church of God, LaBelle, Florida

I have been truly blessed by your great music. Thanks.
Sign Time: 3/14/02 3:54

Visitor's Name: Art Hoch

Comments: I would like to use the midi file with my classroom as we sing "Glorify the Son!" at our church Lenten service the week of March 11th. Is that possible?  Please reply as soon as possible.  I'm sorry I should have thought to ask for permission sooner (permission granted, of course.  Hamblen & Hamblen Music).
Sign Time: 3:12/02 17:02

Visitor's Name: Shawn Sprayberry
You are from: Santa Fe Family Worship Center

Comments:Very nice web sight and information.
Sign Time: 3/10/02 17:57

Visitor's Name: Saundra Syma
You are from: SymaBands

Comments: Wonderful!  I can't wait to visit your site again.  God bless you.
Sign Time: 3/02/02 00:18

Visitor's Name: Laura Perkins

Comments: Hi Jerry, I forgot to ask you when I saw you on Sunday if I could down load some of your music for a nursing conference that I am doing on March 6th in Redding. I would like to add it to a slide show of the scenory of Northern California that I will show at registration and on breaks. Thanks.
Sign Time: 2/26/02 7:34

Visitor's Name: hannie
You are from: nederland

Comments: thank you your music is lovli

Your favorite H&HM song(s): i love them al

Sign Time: 2/24/02 1:50

Visitor's Name: Marcella

Comments: Great songs..love them all!
Sign Time: 2/25/02 5:57

Visitor's Name: Karen Emmelkamp
You are from: Point Lay, Alaska

Comments: I teach in an Inupiat village in the bush.  We receive no radio and just hearing your music brought tears to my eyes.  I really miss hearing worship music.  I brought a keyboard back with me at Christmas and finding your sheetmusic was so exciting.  I mailed music books up, but the mail more and likely never makes it, so having something to play is a real blessing.  Thanks to you and your site.  Keep pressing on for the Lord.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Hard to pick just one.  I think In the Presence of the Lord and Our Sacrifice of Praise

Sign Time: 2/24/02 15:28

Visitor's Name: Carol
You are from: Minnesota

Comments: I really love your music arrangements.  They are fun to play on the piano and I also love the lyrics. Your music has life to it.  Keep up the good work!

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Jesus, Be Magnified in Me

Sign Time: 2/23/02 11:16

Visitor's Name: Doris Saddler
You are from: Waterloo, Iowa

Comments: I truly enjoy your website.  Thank you for letting us share.
Sign Time: 2/19/02 16:03

Visitor's Name: Debra Nolen

Comments: Thanks so much for sharing your talents. God has truely blessed you both. Please keep allowing God to use you. I enjoy your music so much.
Sign Time: 2/16/02 14:01

Visitor's Name: LC Shibley
You are from: Ontario Canada !!!

Comments: This is a wonderful site of giving and sharin..I am a new Christian , well My Baptism birthday is March 12, for one year..and I have found great joy in music and the Word of God. Thank you for sharing this site with the world...Hugs.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): I cannot choose One..or even two, I have several here that I really like.

Sign Time: 2/10/02 15:19

Visitor's Name: Carolyn Payton Pinson
You are from: Belton, South Carolina

Sign Time: 1/28/02 5:39

Visitor's Name: Irene Dillon
You are from: Malta

Comments: I think it is a wonderful website, where anyone can become enriched by such blessings. Thanks you for the good that is done.
Sign Time: 1/25/02 10:14

Visitor's Name: Judy Habib McKay
You are from: Gilbert Arizona

Comments: Just looking at the classmates page and saw your web site. I wasn't in your class but my brother Don was. How wonderful to know you are a Christian and the music I hear on your site sounds great! God bless your ministry.
Sign Time: 1/20/02 23:10

Visitor's Name: Noel Rodriquez
You are from: Puerto Rico


Your favorite H&HM song(s): ALL

Sign Time: 1/20/02 15:29

Visitor's Name: Arun Andrews Punnen
You are from: New York

Comments: Different  good Music.  Can I use your songs in the church for the youth performances?

Your favorite H&HM song(s):  When I pray thy kingdom come

Sign Time: 1/19/02 17:22

Visitor's Name: Barry Garner
You are from: Auckland. New Zealand

Comments: Thanks for your free music. I play for a deaf and hearing Church. When we start again, I will take along some some music, to try out.  Well thanks again, bye.  God Bless the work you are doing. In Christ, your servant, Barry.
Your favorite H&HM song(s):Our Sacrifice of Praise, and many more.
Sign Time: 1/16/02 1:05

Visitor's Name: David Saunstaire
You are from: Mena AR.

Comments: I like your page

Your favorite H&HM song(s): All of them

Sign time: 1/14/02 18:40

Visitor's Name: Stan Thomas
You are from: Houston, TX

Comments: I have been listening to your 'Glorify the Son' and was wondering if you had this in a solo arrangement for a bass/baritone voice. I would like to us this as a solo for our Lenten Services and then have also use for congregational praise. Please let me know by email
Sign Time: 1/14/02 5:15


Visitor's Name: Dee Harms, Twyla Miller, Lynda Whitley, & Richelle Tisdale
You are from: Pekin, IL

Comments:We would like your permission to try some of your music to sing at our Church. We do not travel and sing..... only for our home church of, Pekin Lighthouse Church Of God.

Your favorite H&HM song(s):=Don't have any YET..... ~smile~ but will write again soon!!!  ~Twyla Jo~

Sign Time: 1/12/02 12:56

Visitor's Name: Brenda T. Byers
You are from: 3-A Clay Street, Hartford, CT. 06120

Comments: This is a wonderful site to be in.  The first song blessed my heart. Thank you!
Sign Time: 1/12/02 11:29

Visitor's Name: Steve Dwyer
You are from: South Wales UK

Comments: Keep writing Gospel music for people like me to sing.
Sign Time: 1/10/02 16:01

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