To God be all the glory!  Great things He has done!

Visitor's Name: Brother Timothy Dugas

Comments: Dear Hamblen Brothers, A couple of years ago I asked you for permission to use your sheet music and sing your songs in my church. I did sing "He's Robed In Majesty", and the Saints loved it!  Thank you so much!  Now the Lord has layed it on my heart to make a screensaver program for our church's "Urban Harvest Event that we do each year.  Urban Harvest is where the Saints put together a 2 or 3 day event of giving free food and clothing to the poor of our city. My Paastor, Brother Simon even recieved a Humanitarian Award this year from the city for his efforts. Praise the Lord!  I have made a "prototype", and would like to use the music of the above song,and possibly some others of yours, for background music, and need your permission to do so.  I can also send you a free demo copy,if you like.  Thank you again, and God bless you and yours.
Sign Time: 5/17/04 21:58

Visitor's Name: Sherry Griffin

You are from: Lufkin, Texas

Comments: Brother Larry, and Jerry, I sang the song "Long Before Sunrise the Son Had Arose" tonight during the break at a singing in Saron Texas. You would not believe the response of praise there was during the song. Thank you for letting me sing that song Brother Larry, it  was an honor...... and was very humbling to see and hear the worship of God that burst forth while they heard those words.

God bless you both and may His sweet peace and wondrous love forever abide in your hearts and may that peace and love always be seen in all you say and do, and may you always be found, centered upon His will, in the hollow of His hand. In Christ, Sherry

Your favorite song(s) from this site: "Long Before Sunrise the Son Had Arose" "Shine, Shine, Bethlehem Star"

Sign Time: 5/15/04 21:47

Visitor's Name: JustMusicks

Comments: Would like to know if your music can be purchased at Bible book stores tapes with words and music and with just music. Please reply asap.
Sign Time: 5/2/04 13:42

Visitor's Name: Wendee P.

You are from: Newcastle OK

Comments: We love your music!!!  It's just awesome.

Sign Time: 4/29/04 16:30

Visitor's Name: Jan Trombley

You are from: Green Mountains of Vermont

Comments: Praise the LORD for leading me to this site. I was looking for hymns to play on the piano, and I found you from a google search.  What a blessing you are, and the hymns are so easy for me to play.I read a little music and play by ear too! GOD is so good!  Thanks for sharing your gift.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): "Great is your Majesty"... that's the only one I have printed so far, but look forward to more.  Have a SON- filled day !!!

  Sign Time: 3/25/04 17:50

Visitor's Name: African Student Union

You are from: Africa

Comments: You’re doing a good job. Keep it up.

Sign Time: 3/21/04 13:17

Visitor's Name: Fred Freed

Comments: WHAT A BLESSING!!!!!!! I cannot tell you what a blessing your music is to me. I pastor a very small congregation (less than 12). I play your music on my computer and sing along with it. I often cannot continue singing because of the lump in my throat and the tears in my eyes. I pray that you will have much success in your music ministry.
Sign Time: 2/28/04 10:59

Visitor's Name: Sandra Hicks, Organist

You are from: Mashpee Baptist Church, Mashpee, MA (Cape Cod)

Comments: The Lord has graciously afforded me the opportunity to play for a church, one of my desires since a little girl.  I began piano lessons at the age of 7.  But was not serious about playing until the age of 47 when the Holy Spirit led me by the hand to the piano!  Little is much when God is in it!
Your site has truly been a blessing as I have been able to introduce a new style of Praise & Worship to the congregation.  Thank you and Blessings!  In His Serivce, Sandra

Sign Time: 2/11/04 6:00


Sign Time: 2/10/04 12:17

Visitor's Name: Betty Collette

You are from: Lebanon, Missouri

Comments: I love your site..Thanks for providing the music to us....We use "Remember Me" for communion every first Sunday and at Christmas Emmanuel, God with us...and our little congregation loved them both.  We are a small United Methodist Church congregation located on I-44 and are beginning to sing more 'praise' songs and chorus'.  Right now we are planning for Easter and I'm looking for all the help I can get...From the congregation and music department of Sleeper United Methodist Church, we thank you and God Bless You for your sharing.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): "Remember Me"

Sign Time: 2/08/04 14:47

Visitor's Name: Mary Lou

You are from: Nebraska

Comments: absolutely outstanding, superb, wonderful - there aren't enough adjectives to describe your music - thank you, thank you, thank you - I enjoyed every MIDI I listened to and I'm sure I'll enjoy every page I printed!  Hope your books are back in print soon!

Your favorite H&HM song(s):We Will Shine On Love's Great Decree and many more

Sign Time: 1/26/04 12:22

Visitor's Name: kjrebling

You are from: Iowa

Comments: The web site is wonderful!  I loved sitting here and singing the praise songs.  I was actually looking for "In this very room", but listened to alot of uplifting songs.  Great job!

Sign Time: 1/12/04 9:04

Visitor's Name: Melville J. Mendonca

You are from: Bombay, India

Comments: I find the hymns on this site are extremely musical and the lyrics full of meaning. I used many of your songs for our church services.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Remember me, Cross over the river, Our sacrifice of praise, Emmanuel

Sign Time: 1/09/04 11:32


Visitor's Name: Sharon

You are from: Prescott, AZ   USA

Comments: Wondering if you are related to Stuart Hamblen.  I like his music, but am having a hard time finding any except piece by piece on ebay and such.  Any ideas?  My computer isn't set up for sound, so I haven't heard your music yet, but enjoyed your story and wish you the best.  Thanks.

Sign Time: 1/08/04 11:00

Visitor's Name: Ethan Carlson

You are from: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Pasco, WA

Comments: Thank you for sharing your music with others!  My wife and I have been helping to lead worship at EBC, and I am teaching myself to play piano (wish I hadn't dropped lessons 30 years ago).  I have spent a few hours now learning to play "Holy God, I Love You", and I'd like to teach it to my congregation, if it's OK with you.  It warms my heart, and I need that since it's 10 degrees F outside now.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): I dont' know yet.

Sign Time: 1/03/04 8:42

Visitor's Name: Lisa

You are from: Baltimore, Maryland

Comments: I just want to tell you that this is my first time visiting your site and I am well pleased with it.  You have given me encouragement me.  I am a singer/songwriter and had became discouraged because it appeared that the vision God has given me was not going to come to pass.  By reading your story it help me to see that in time with the help of God all is possible.  Thank you for sharing your testimony.  To God Be The Glory!

Sign Time: 12/19/03 11:10

Visitor's Name: Rene' Stone

Comments: I would like to download the midi files for Emmanuel, God With Us to sing at church Sunday.  How would I go about this? Please let me know.  Thanks.
Sign Time: 12/18/03 11:21

Visitor's Name: Pastor Bruce Smith

You are from: Adelaide, South Australia

Comments: A great site

Sign Time: 12/17/03 2:17

Visitor's Name: Jean Curry

You are from: Columbus, Ga

Comments: I am trying to teach myself to play gospel music.  Back home in Williamsport, PA I used to sing on the choir and my desire now is to learn the keyboard so I play for my gospel group when I learn

Your favorite H&HM song(s): I do not know yet. But it would be something black gospel

Sign Time: 12/16/03 15:11

Visitor's Name: Robin Bush

You are from: Miracle Temple COGIC Erie, Pa

Comments: From what my ears have heard thus far, I can feel the peace of God and a calmness that makes you want to worship the God that created you.

 Your favorite H&HM song(s): Sorry I haven't listened to any except the one playing when I entered this site.

Sign Time: 11/23/03 17:41

Visitor's Name: D. Hatt

Comments: Thanks so very much for letting us enjoy your beautiful music.
Do you have any other Christmas songs?  New and different?
Sign Time: 11/11/03 3:49

Visitor's Name: Heng Philip

Comments: Thank you so much for the lovely music.
Sign Time: 10/21/03 3:29

Visitor's Name: J Smith

Comments: Thank you for making these beautiful hymns available.  Can't tell you how blessed I have been by listening...May God richly bless you and yours....A Sister in Christ...J Smith
Sign Time: 10/18/03 10:15


Visitor's Name: Debbie Brooks

You are from: Paris, Texas

Comments: Beautiful songs, well written music.  I am glad I found your site.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Name Above All Others

Sign Time: 10/09/03 13:21

Visitor's Name: G. Larry Summers

Comments: Dear Jerry, Just wanted to let you know where we are with your music. We just got done with the recording studio where they laid down the tracks for "We Will Shine On" and "Cross Over The River". I can't wait until you can hear what they did with your music. Lord willing we hope to get our voices recorded by the end of the year and maybe the beginning of next year we will have the project completed. I will send you a copy as soon as it is completed. God bless. Just wanted to let you know we have not forgotten you and again we love your music.
Sign Time: 10/07/03 8:42

Visitor's Name: Deirdre

You are from: Tasmania, Australia

Comments: I thank you most gratefully for making your available without cost. I love the words and the melodies.The songs will be easy for my family congregation to learn and sing praises to God.

Your favorite H&HM song(s):=Jesus be Magnified in me

Sign Time: 9/18/03 5:45

Visitor's Name: Larry Fought

You are from: Spokane, WA
Sign Time: 9/07/03 123:59

Visitor's Name: James Wappelhorst

Comments: Dear Sir(s), I was wondering if it would be possible to get some of your Midi files for use at our church. I do most of the Praise and Worship music (I am also the pianist). We are a small, but growing church in Syracuse, NY called Cross Cultural Baptist Church. We have only a few Midi praise and worship songs to use, and the rest, I have to either play just on the piano, or sit down and work out an accompaniment on the keyboard, but, due to the very limited number of rhythms on the keyboard, it is very difficult to make most of the songs sound right. I really love your music, and would greatly appreciate being able to use it for our worship. Thank you very much for your time.  Sincerely,
Sign Time: 9/03/03 8:27


Visitor's Name: Jasmine

You are from: Turkey

Comments: ~ * ~ Excellent website.You did a good job.Good luck... ~ * ~

Sign Time: 9/02/03 12:12

Visitor's Name: Sue Rocker

You are from: New Covenant Church, Port Leyden New York

Comments:Thank you for your site and the songs to share.  I was asked to play an offertory.  I am not a very good piano player and I was looking for a piece not to complicated.  I believe that I have found it in "Holy God, I Love You".  I appreciate being able to listen to it to know how it is suppose to sound.  God Bless and thank you again.

Sign Time: 9/1/03 5:32

Visitor's Name: Pius Lee

You are from: Singapore

Comments: your compositions

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Emmanuel, God with us

Sign Time: 8/13/03 18:47

Visitor's Name: Fernando

You are from: Spain

Comments:  (Interpretation) Pardon me writing in Spanish, but I do not have command of English. I thank you for your website because I have been able to get a very clear idea of gospel music composition. This music has always been enthusiastic to me. And, thanks to the internet, I have been able to make contact with your excellent page of such beautiful music. I form part of a non-religious choir. We interpret music of the renaissance, generally: T. L. Victoria, Palestrina etc. All of us dreamed of of singing gospel music Therefore, thanks for your page because we have interpreted an average program (30 minutes) of music gospel and have filled numerous public concert halls and they have applauded such excellent music. The interpreted works are harmonizations and versions of: This Is My Time, Love’s Great Decree, O Lord You Have Ascended, He Whom the Son Makes Free. The origin of the music has been always mentioned, that is Hamblen & Hamblen Music.De nuevo, gracias.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): =This is my time Love great decree O Lord You have ascended He whom the son makes me free

Sign Time: 7/4/03 10:03

Visitor's Name: Glenda Brown

You are from: Shreveport, Louisiana

 very good site,and really glad someone like you offers free to print sheet music, yall have been a name brand of music,books,and all since i started piano lessons at age 6 and im 50 now, so thank thank you and MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOUL, if anyway possible can you put the song titled YOU'VE BEEN SO FAITHFUL' to be printed. id appreciate it,and maybe BREATHE THANK YOU GLENDA

Your favorite H&HM song(s): they were really all good, i printed out several, im a HOLY GHOST FILLED PENTECOSTAL SO LOTS OF THEM ARE GREAT, thank you

Sign Time: 7/7/03 11:11

Visitor's Name: Mark Rutkowski

You are from: Shelby Bible Church, Shelby Township, Michigan

Comments: I love your music. I've played your music for offertories, on the piano, over the past 8 months.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Love's Great Decree.

Sign Time: 7/1/03 12:58


Visitor's Name: Philip Heng

You are from: Singapore

Comments: I am very happy to have come across your site. The music is simply beautiful.
God Bless

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Every one is nice - very difficult choice

Sign Time: 6/26/03 18:29

Visitor's Name: Evangelist Jimmy Callaway

You are from: Deming NM.

Comments:This is such an awsome site,and I realy enjoy this music: Can I use some of these songs of Praise and Worship in our Tent Crusades.

Your favorite H&HM song(s):Dear Saints.I can't number just one song there's so many I like.

Sign Time: 6/25/03 13:19

Visitor's Name: Royalty Free Music

You are from: Dallas, TX

Comments: Great site! Hope you'll remember THE MUSIC BAKERY for Royalty Free Music .

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Give Him the Glory

Sign Time: 6/21/03 9:01

Visitor's Name: KeryLyn Wisner

You are from: Renton, Washington

Comments:  I love your music! Very Worshipful.  I am in choir at Kent Covenant Church, and do special music.  I also hope to be on the Praise Band.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Holy Spirit.

Sign Time: 6/16/03 13:58

Visitor's Name: G. Larry Summers

Comments: Hello from the South.  How are you coming on the music? If it is too difficult to do what I suggested, it is ok. I just appreciate your music and we will work it out here. If you are able to work it out how soon and where do I send the money for your work. Plus, how much to do the extra work.

Have you ever looked as Psalms 33 and come up with a song from that text? I was just reading it this morning and thought that some of that Psalm would make a great song. If God lays it on your heart, make it Southern gospel style.

God bless you both. Larry

Sign Time: 6/03/03 8:03

Visitor's Name: Cherie and Tony

Comments: I am trying to download the song, "It Happened On Pentecost", lasting longer than 30 sec.  How can I do this?
Sign Time: 5/25/03 14:29

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