To God be all the glory!  Great things He has done!

Visitor's Name: Lydia Wilkins

You are from: Philadelphia,PA

Comments: This was my first time on your web site and I have found it to be very good, it really soothed my spirit. Thank you for allowing me to print the sheet music to songs I really like even though it's the first time Iv'e ever heard them.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Remember Me, Holy Is His Name, He's Been Good To Me, Forever I Do and Majesty! I Bow Before You.

Sign Time: 12/25/05 14:08

Visitor's Name: Starr Warndahl

You are from: Lewis Methodist

Comments: I appreciate this site - free to small churches on a limited budget

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Emmanuel,God With Us

Sign Time: 11/28/05 19:06

Visitor's Name: Gerhard Sulz

Comments: I am a conducter of an Austrian choir in Lower Austria, I have found your webpage some times ago. Now on the 10 of December we will sing your "Love oh such Love" and my choir likes to sing it.
Can you tell me who are you? U.S.A? Are you religious? Catholic maybe?  Thank you for your answer.  Gerhard from Austria.
Sign Time: 11/24/05 10:00

Visitor's Name: Danny & Carolyn Wehmeyer

Comments: Yes, we have a CCLI license. We will report usage accordingly. We have a mostly traditional service but are slowly blending in more contemporary songs. We appreciate men like you who use you talents to make new music available to us.  Thank you for your genererosity.  In Christ.
Sign Time: 11/22/05 11:14

Visitor's Name: Lillian D. Eddy

Comments: I was requesting permission from you to download, Emanuel God With Us  for worship in the Greenacers Christian Church.  Greenacres Christian Church is a 100 years old with the same denomation
that it started our with.  We just had a 100th year celebration.  It is located in Greenacres Washington now call Spokane Valley Washinton.  It isn't very big,  But a wonderful church. Thank you and God Bless You.
Sign Time: 11/16/05 20:11

Visitor's Name: Jennifer Myers

Comments: Hello. I love EmmanuelGod With Us. But the midi is only the first verse.. Is there any way that I can get the whole song. I would appreciate it greatly.
Sign Time: 11/14/05 8:18

Visitor's Name: Kelly Witter

Comments: Dear Mr Hamblen, May my friend and I record your song, "Before the Lord, My Praise Shall Rise" on a CD?  (Later) Oh my goodness!!  Thank you so much!! I was jumping up and down a minute ago.  You have no idea how many people you are making happy.  One of my church elders in particular. :)  He's a very large man and we were worried what would happen to us if we didn't get your song on our CD.
The CD is entitled, "Handed Rainbows".
Sign Time: 11/10/05 7:01

Visitor's Name: Joan Cornell

You are from: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Comments: This is the first time I have heard your song, "Emanuel, God with us". It is beautiful and very inspirational. I hope it's okay to print it. I am teaching myself to play piano. I am doing pretty good. I am at intermediate level and hope to grow more.

Sign Time: 11/09/05 18:05

Visitor's Name: Ruth Lanham

Comments: I am so blessed by your music and your website.  I am hoping you can tell me how to get two of your songs on tape or CD so that I may perform them during our Worship Service at my Church.  The songs we are interested in are "A Throne Room For Your Glory" and "Cross Over The River".  Please let me know if these are available on CD, tape or download and what will be the cost?  In Christ, Ruth Lanham
Sign Time: 9/26/05 8:35

Visitor's Name: Stella Trout

You are from: Pensacola, Florida

Comments:  I love your music and I would love to use your music in church but Idon't know how to use the copyright ccli.

Sign Time: 8/30/05 19:52

Visitor's Name: John Navone

You are from: Rome,Italy

Comments:Thank you for your inspiring hymns. They wonderfully express your commitment -- and mine --- to glorifying God.

Your favorite H&HM song(s):=It is hard to select favorites from so many excellent hymns. "Long Before Sunrise the Son Had Arose" was especially haunting.

Sign Time: 7/26/05 15:01

Visitor's Name: jeanette koorey

Comments: The Holy Spirit has gifted you immensely. And yet you give back to the world in your wonderful music. God's peace always with you. Jeanette
Sign Time: 7/20/05 1:52

Visitor's Name: Nrspr66mrd

Comments: Dear Sirs.  My wife and I loved your music. [Continue] to write and publish. We will visit your website again.
Sign Time: 6/30/05 9:45

Visitor's Name: Patrick HUBER

Comments: Dear Jerry, thanks for your permission, I'm going to realize some arrangements that I send you till the end of the year.
Sign Time: 6/12/05 1:55

Visitor's Name: Mary Guilford

Sign Time: 4/18/05 5:58

Visitor's Name: Rev'd Nasel Ephraim

Comments: Eirene kai agape (peace and love)
Sign Time: 4/17/05 14:44

Visitor's Name: Char Smith

Comments: Is it possible to get a CD with "Remember Me" on it?....or a cassette? I am so thankful to have come across your website and finding the "Remember Me" song.... I believe it was a divine thing that got me there.... It's been a pleasure!  May God Bless You.
Sign Time: 4/06/05 10:47

Visitor's Name: kpwallek

Comments: Wonderful music!  Thank you so much.  Is the version of “Cross Over the River” available with the runs printed?  In Christ’s love,  Pat
Sign Time: 3/22/05 6:06

Visitor's Name: Tim Hosier

Comments: What wonderful music. Praise the Lord. We are a small little independent church in Hungerford Berkshire UK. Could we use some of the songs in our midi player? Regards in Jesus. Tim Hosier. "let everything that has breath praise the Lord"
Sign Time: 3/13/05 5:13

Visitor's Name: Terry Davis, Minister of Music, Parkway Baptist Church, Houston, Texas

Comments: Is there a possibility of getting GLORIFY THE SON in the key of "D"?  This is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in a long time.  I want to use it on Easter Sunday morning with my choir, but "D" would be a more appropriate fit for our choir.  If you can help, I would be very appreciative.
I thank God for the work you are doing.  God Bless You !!!
Sign Time: 3/10/05 9:33

Visitor's Name: Jacqui Thompson

You are from: South Africa

Comments: Due to the exchange rate in S.A. the sheet music here is very expensive. Thank you for making your music available for us to use.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): So far - 'Jesus, be Magnified in me'

Sign Time: 2/23/05 10:05

Visitor's Name: Karen Hall

Comments: I was wondering about some of your midi files. We are a small church and right now do not have a piano player. I have enjoyed listening to some of your files and really like them. I would like permission to use some for our praise and worship as I am trying to help the pastor get that going.  Thank you.
Sign Time: 2/01/05 16:34

Visitor's Name:

Sign Time: 4/07/05 8:42

Visitor's Name: LINDA BUTLER

Sign Time: 1/23/05 13:33

Visitor's Name: Nathan Thompson

Comments: Hello, Bro. Hamblen. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your music, you can really feal the power of the lord in your music and I would just like to say "keep up the good work" and I will keep you and your work in my prayers.  I would like to know the latest new and see the newest songs.  Thank you for the wonderful music and God bless you.
Sign Time: 1/22/05 20:10

Visitor's Name: Tracy Hughlett

Comments: Wow! This is breathtaking! I was looking for lyrics to the song "Oh What A Savior".
Opening your site the song Emmanuel,God With Us is playing! I can't tell you the joy that floods my soul! Thank you for sharing your music.  I am an unpublished Christian poet/lyracist.  Some times verse comes with a melody, but I do not have arranging skills.  If you are interested in looking at some of my work, let me know. I love your inspired music.
Two weeks before Easter, I am scheduled to sing in the evening service. Have you any suggestions?
I sing 1st alto in a large ladies choir called The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma, 2nd soprano in the church choir. I am looking for just the right song to sing in an evening worship service two weeks before Easter.
 I definately love "Emmanuel, God With Us"  I'm playing it over and over ... eventually I'll get around to listening to other selections.  God Bless You, and continue to flow through you! In Christ Jesus!
Sign Time: 1/16/05 12:20

Visitor's Name: CARLA PHILLIPS




Sign Time: 1/14/05 17:23

Visitor's Name: Jaymee Dale Minister of Music

Comments: What beautiful music I have found here, Forever I Do and Emmanual, God With Us.  What do I need to do to use these in our praise service.  We have a CCLI license. I would love to teach them to our praise team.  Thanks and God Bless your ministry of music.
Sign Time: 1/13/05 19:16

Visitor's Name: Leigh Anne Haygood

You are from: Thomaston, GA

Comments: Thank you so much for the wonderful music and Midis!  It adds so much to my musical worship!

Your favorite H&HM song(s): I love them all so far, but "When I pray, "Thy Kingdom come..." is my favorite at this point.

Sign Time: 1/06/05 15:52

Visitor's Name: Terry Hamblen

Comments: Jerry I have been listening to yours and Larry's music.  It is beautiful. God Bless you and your family. Your cousin Terry.
Sign Time: 1/1/05 10:03

Visitor's Name: Moira (church secretary and worship leader, Kelowna Churdh of the Nazarene, Kelowna, B.C.)
Comments: I can't tell you what a blessing your website is to our church.  Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts, for helping us to bring new music to our very small congregation.  God bless you!
Sign Time: 12/02/04 14:42

Visitor's Name: Marc Ubachs

You are from: Belgium

Comments: Nice songs, thanks.  Do you also have music with organ and choir?

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Emanuel, God with us

Sign Time: 12/1/04 15:21

Visitor's Name:

Sign Time: 4/07/04 8:42

Visitor's Name: Ellen Horesh

You are from: Baltimore Maryland

Comments: I found this song on the internet and have sung it over and over. I am going to sing this at the dedication service on December 5th at the Hoopersville United Methodist Church that was washed away in hurricane Isabel. My fater passed away in November 1995 and all of the landscaping for the church was done in his memory and has now been replaced for the new church, I hope you find it an honor that I sing this song and will tell them that I wrote to you also. My father was a good man and loved God with all his heart. It was a shame at 58 that he had to die. Pray for me and my family as we drive to Hoopersville on this day to honor God and the blessings the people of that island have received. Thank you again . I downloaded your sheetmusic. Could you send me a way to copy your song to have. Ellen

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Emmanuel, God With Us

Sign Time: 11/30/04 18:28

Visitor's Name:

Sign Time: 4/07/04 8:42

Visitor's Name: Brenda Lowe

Comments: I love the music that you have written!  I would love for our praise team to sing some of your songs.  We would like to download the midi's if possible.  Keep up the good work.
Sign Time: 11/28/04 19:35

Visitor's Name: David R Varner

You are from:=Grace Baptist Church, Virgilina, Virginia

Comments: The Lord has led me to start a music ministry with my wife and 5 children.  We are currently ministering on a regular basis at a local nursing home, soon to add several more.  The Lord has burdened my heart with missions and we will soon be going to Guatemala on a short term trip.  I do not play any instruments, my children are learning.  So I search all over the place for music that we can use, that is in a MIDI format.  The Lord led me to your site today, and what a blessing I have received just listening and following along with the lyrics!  Thank you.

Your favorite H&HM song(s):=I have not come across one that I do not like.  All of them uplift the Lord!

Sign Time: 11/08/04 6:56

Visitor's Name:

Sign Time: 4/07/04 8:42

Visitor's Name: Bonnie Davis

Comments: I am an organist/choir director at Bethany United Church of Christ in Baltimore, Maryland. Bethany is a small church - I only have 7 members in my choir but oh, how they love to sing to the Glory of God!!  We have sung at least 10-12 of your songs and the choir can't get enough of your music! I haven't seen any new songs in a while - Will you be posting any more hymns on your website?  Thank you ever so much for the wonderful music! God bless you for your talent and creativity!
Sign Time: 11/07/04 18:15

Visitor's Name: Danny Haszard

You are from:  Bangor Maine USA

Comments: Christian greetings, you have a dynamic and spirited site. I am a former member of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Rockland Massachusetts. I am NOW a Christian and a counter-cult educator. God bless all your endeavors. "Happy are the pure in heart" [Matthew 5:8].

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Come Lord Jesus Come

Sign Time: 11/3/04 11:00

Visitor's Name: Lucky Oviojie

Comments: Your site has been a blessing to me. I will like to download some of the midi files for my project as I have recently started a Christian business producing Christian themed products.
Sign Time: 10/18/04 6:50

Visitor's Name: Gloria Wells

You are from: Haugan Mt.

Comments: We just recently built a church here, there hasn't been a church here for over 90 years. I have been trying to find some free downloadable music for our services for the background music but I have not had any luck as of yet.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): I enjoy them all this is the type of music I want to find for our church. Thank you for your time.

Sign Time: 10/11/04 19:39

Visitor's Name: gregory kwa

You are from: singapore

Comments: just accessed your site for the first time...will comment later.

Sign Time: 10/11/04 2:12

Visitor's Name: Jean Brown

Comments: Hello,  My name is Jean Brown, I am with North Laurinburg Baptist Church (Southern Baptist) in Laurinburg, NC.  I was on the search engine Yahoo and I was looking for praise songs and gospel songs on midi files and I found your site Hamblen and Hamblen.  Our church has a digital piano and we use the midi player on the piano for praise songs and other gospel songs for the choir.  We are interested in purchasing some of your music and your midi files to use in our worship service?  I enjoyed listening to your music.  Thanks for your sacrifice and dedication.  Love In Christ, Jean
Sign Time: 9/26/04 14:24

Visitor's Name: Brant Hamblen

You are from: Mayflower AR

Comments: It's good to know that other people that bear the same last name are God-Loving Christians like yourself.  May God bless you.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Long Before Sunrise, the Son Had Arose

Sign Time: 9/24/04 17:17

Visitor's Name: Eddie Postell

Comments: Hello Bro Jerry.  Thank you for the fast reply.  I wanted to share with you the wonderful blessing with your music.  Last night as we were searching for music, we found the song " He's Robed in Majesty" and we printed and download the midi and we sang that song till our throat became sore, then as I slept and woke early for today's work my wife ask me if that song stayed on my mind, and yes it did.  As  the Camp Grounds Ministry, who would ever thought the Lord would place us in Camp Grounds. We have pastored in Texas, Co. Mo. and was on a worship Team for 15 years. As we were seeking the Lord for a place to minister, a phone call came and asked if were could do Camp Grounds services. Well now we have been ministering now full time  for three years. And the best part is We know that we are in the Lord's will. There are some songs I found that I would love to use, however it seems that some of the midi does not give the complete song. I hope I'm wrong on that. Once again thanks for a quality sound and Bible songs that lifts our Lord.
Sign Time: 9/20/04 15:46

Visitor's Name: Eddie Postell

Comments: Hello from Texas, found your web page and was thrilled to hear some songs and music that we could use in our worship services. We are Pastors of Thousand Trails Camp Grounds and Coast to Coast Camp Grounds here in Texas. May I have your permission to download your music and sheet music for our Worship?  How do I download the entire song?  Thank you, in Christ we serve.
Sign Time: 9/19/04 17:12

Visitor's Name: Joe Ferguson

Comments: Great site!  Even greater music!!! Keep up the good work.  God Bless You!
Sign Time: 9/11/04 17:24

Visitor's Name: Jasita

You are from: Parry Sound Ontario Canada

Comments: very nice selection, many of them I shall try to convert to a violin playable format for a single violin. I play guitar and piano but my violin is my instrument of choice right now.I hope my church Humphrey Non Denominational Church enjoys my renditions.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Holy is his name.

Sign Time: 9/08/04 20:39

Visitor's Name: Minnie Atterberry

You are from:=Pittsburgh Pa

Comments: Your web page is a blessing for those of us whos desire to serve the lord with out musical gifts and don't know all the songs to choose. May God Bless you forever more.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Give Him the Glory How we love to Praise Your Name I lift the Name of the Lord My Praise Song Our Sacrifice of Praise

Sign Time: 9/08/04 8:46

Visitor's Name: Dorothy

You are from: Pensacola, FL

Comments: Your songs are such a blessing to me and to many of the people I share them with.  Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in this wonderful ministry.  The Lord be with you both.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Great Light Shining, We Will Shine On, It Happened at Pentecost, He's Robed in Majesty, He Whom the Son Makes Free
- actually, all of them are wonderful

Sign Time: 9/06/04 18:47

Visitor's Name: Jerry Uche

You are from: Nigeria

Comments: It's great viewing this site. God bless you all.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): Come Lord Jesus Come.

Sign Time: 8/10/04 4:33

Visitor's Name: Vivienne

Comments: I would appreciate your permission to downloard your songs to play for myself at home (if I can figure how to actually do such a download!) I really like your music and would be grateful to be able play it whenever I would like to listen to it. It is the sort of music that my husband will listen to also. Thank you, regards.
Sign Time: 8/10/04 1:52

Visitor's Name: Gwenwainright

Comments: Wanna hear your musicals.
Sign Time: 8/01/04 12:09

Visitor's Name: Larry Nixon

Comments: I would like to do a barbershop quatert arrangement of CROSS OVER THE RIVER.  Can I get permission and a copy of your music?
Sign Time: 7/25/04 5:46

Visitor's Name:

Sign Time: 4/07/04 8:42

Visitor's Name: William Dale Hamblen

You are from: Reside in Texas From God before ..

Comments: Hi I like to be called "Dale" I am a Hamblen involved in the Gospel Groups Ministries in my local area, visiting the Nursing Home with my affiliated church members..I do It is no secret, by request most of the time and or This ole House. I 'd like to use some of your songs or ask if you have some of our usual songs around there somewhere.

Your favorite H&HM song(s): I haven'    t examined this site very well yet may comment but I'm certain I like God is in His Holy Temple.

Sign Time: 6/24/04 15:01

Visitor's Name: Donna Yeeis

You are from: Stockholm Sweden

Comments: Great site a joy to find sheet music on line. I am learning to play the guitar.

Sign Time: 6/15/04 9:50

Visitor's Name: Daniel

You are from: UK

Comments: Hi!  I've been looking round your great website for some refreshing tunes for our service this coming Sunday - It's really great how you share all these wonderful songs! ... God Bless

Sign Time: 6/11/04 8:07

Visitor's Name: Ethan Carlson

Comments: Jerry , we're singing "Holy God I Love You" tomorrow in our worship service, and I'm looking forward to it! ...  Have a wonderful Sunday in the House of the Lord.
Sign Time: 5/22/04 21:24

Visitor's Name: E. Delano Ingham

You are from: Bermuda
Sign Time: 5/21/04 6:53

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