To God be all the glory!  Great things He has done!

Visitor's Name: Stella Trout

Comments: May God bless you through this new year. Love your music.
Sign Time: 1/01/07

Visitor's Name: Henrietta Cairns

Comments:  I would like to copy some piano christian sheet music thank you so much.
Sign Time: 12/30/06

Visitor's Name: Fay Hudson

Comments:  I sit and listen for hours to the music. Your site is a blessing! Keep up the good work.
Sign Time: 12/30/06

Visitor's Name: Anthony l Rucker

Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 12/28/06

Visitor's Name: Al Bevis

Comments: Some beautiful music Jerry.
Sign Time: 12/20/06

Visitor's Name: Kerry

Comments: Dear Jerry - I just have to thank you very much for the songs you and your cousin have composed.  The songs on Sunday were so meaningful to me - they are singable, have Biblical words and I'm sure the angels were rejoicing over the beautiful melody and harmonies you put together.  I just want to encourage you to keep on!  Thank you, thank you.
Sign Time: 12/19/06

Visitor's Name:

Comments: :-):-D:-) Thank you so very much for your labor of love! It is much appreciated in ways you may never know!!!
Sign Time: 12/10/06

 Visitor's Name: Robyn M.
Comments: One of my favorite websites to visit.  Use your music frequently at church; play your music for offertories 2-3 times a month, use it for choir specials and also have sung some of it as solos.  I lift you and your good works up to the Lord and pray that his loving arms will continue to hold you.
Sign Time: 12/05/06

Visitor's Name: Natalie

Comments: Thanx 4 the music
Sign Time: 12/04/06

Visitor's Name: Nijel Galve

Comments: I'm glad you have this site that I can use for my department at church.
Sign Time: 12/04/06

Visitor's Name: Mathijs van der Molen (Holland)
De trefstree group

Comments: I'm not your cousin, but I'm also your brother in the lord.

On christmas eve, we would like to perform your song: Emmanuel, God with us.
We have downloaded the sheetmusic and MIDI from your website
We like the song very much, and we would like to hear the lyrics as well. because
we like to have an example of how to sing this song. We've only just recently started singing.  With kind regards.

Sign Time: 11/26/06

Visitor's Name: Victor Kireti
Comments: Thank for your good music. God bless you.
Sign Time: 11/19/06

Visitor's Name: Burnicemarie

Comments: Bless you for the beautiful music.It has inspired me and brought me closer to Jesus.
Sign Time: 11/18/06

Visitor's Name: Doreen E. Hatt

Comments: Just enjoyed a wonderful time listening to, and viewing some of your music.

Have written you a couple of years ago and received some Christmas music  - very much appreciated, thank you, again.

Was just looking to see if there is anything really new for Christmas.

I copied your lovely, "More, More Like You," and, "Love, Oh, Such Love."

Our little singing group numbers three, now, instead of four, but we're still singing Gospel Music at several Nursing Homes, Coffee Houses and other functions.  We like to say that we sing WITH the folks, not To them, mainly.

Thanks, again, for allowing us to use your wonderful music.  It is a blessing to us.  Thank you so much.

May God Bless!

Sign Time: 11/11/06

Visitor's Name: Malcolm Langenhoven

Comments:  God bless you with the wonderful gift of delivering such inspirational spiritual sheet music.  Our brass band enjoy playing your music in church.  It is such a blessing.  God bless.
Sign Time: 4/07/06

 Visitor's Name: JEANNE ALLEN
Sign Time: 11/04/06

Visitor's Name: Dorothy

Comments: I never tire of listening to your music or singing it! Thank you for continuing to keep this site up. It is such a blessing to me and many I know.
Sign Time: 10/29/06

Visitor's Name: Denise McKain

Comments: Thanks so much for offering this website.  Blessings to you and your ministry.
Sign Time: 10/28/06

Visitor's Name: Suzanne Flowers

Comments: I am the choir director at Cokesbury United Methodist Church ( in North Charleston, S.C.  This is just a note to ...  let you know how your music has blessed the people I lead in music.

It is so hard to find a decent call to worship that musically prepares the people to worship as well as proclaims the glory of the Lord text-wise.  I think you know what I mean here even though I'm not expressing it very well!

Your music does this so well, though.  The text lets the people know just Who they're here to worship, while the music complements it by conveying the mood using quality chord movement.

I like to use songs like "A Throne Room for Your Glory" at the beginning as well as at the end of the service.  Talk about a great way to reinforce the theme!

Sign Time: 10/20/06

Visitor's Name: Myrna C. Castro

Comments:  Great music, great songs.
Hope that you can make more beautiful music for the Lord.  God Bless
Sign Time: 19/19/06

Visitor's Name: Ja'Nell Huff

Comments: I feel so blessed when I enter this site.  I am making plans to use some of this music at my church for praise and worship service.  I want Hamblen & Hamblen to know that their music and efforts to create a realm of music that is uplifting is greatly appreciated.  God Bless!
Sign Time: 10/18/06

Visitor's Name: Maggie

Comments: I have thoroughly enjoyed your music.
Sign Time: 10/17/06

Visitor's Name: Gayle

Comments: Mr. Hamblen,  I have a website  a poetry site where we present poems by different authors.  It is a free service to share the authors work with others. We use music as background on each page. I give credit to the artist, name of the song and a banner or text on each page the music is used with a hyperlink to the site the music comes from so others may visit the site.  I have a banners page where we place a banner or text hyperlink so others may find your site also.  Only sites giving us permission to use their music are listed.  We do not use without permission.  I found your link on another webpage and came to visit your site. You do have beautiful music and we would like very much to use if you could grant us permission.
Sign Time: 10/06/06

 Visitor's Name: Diane Clark
Comments: This is an awesome site that will really benefit the music program at my church. Thanks for sharing!:-)
Sign Time: 9/30/06

Visitor's Name: Mary Dixon

Comments:  I really like your songs
Sign Time: 9/30/06

Visitor's Name: Amanda

Comments: Would you please send me this played so that I might hear it.  The words are beautiful.  Thanks again.  My husband is being Baptised this weekend and I would like to sing this. Thanks and bless you.
Sign Time: 9/25/06

Visitor's Name: Bonnie Davis

Comments: My name is Bonnie Davis and I am an organist/choir director at Bethany United Church of Christ in Baltimore, Maryland.  I accidentally came across your website a few years ago and have enjoyed listening to all of your music!!  Bethany has a very small congregation and there are now 8 members of our choir.  We have sung at least 12-15 of your songs - Cross Over the River, Great Is Your Majesty, Give Him the Glory and I Come Into Your Presence O My Lord are our absolute favorites!  The choir has enjoyed singing all of your songs and they get very excited when I bring in a new piece!  Thank you both for such fabulous music - all to the Glory of God!
Sign Time: 9/21/06

Visitor's Name: Gail Watts
Comments: :-)
Sign Time: 9/17/06

Visitor's Name: Reynato R. Ajero

Comments: Thanks so much. The songsheets are great and will be of great help to our new choir.
Sign Time: 9/13/06

Visitor's Name: Shirley & Ray

Comments: Just wanted to check out your page.  It was a pleasure meeting you, yesterday, Minnie (Leigh).
Sign Time: 9/05/06

Visitor's Name: Melva

Comments: Hi,  A friend gave me the link to your music site, and I am writing to ask your permission to use your midi's from time to time on my website..Your music is just beautifu, and I would be glad to display it to enhance my pages...  Thank you for the consideration..  God bless you.
Sign Time: 9/04/06

 Visitor's Name: hekeepsmesinging
Comments: I found your midi website and just love your compositions, and would love to use them on my Christian websites listed below.  Would you please advise, ASAP.  If you have an icon or logo, and provide permission would you please send it along with the link you wished the midi linked back to.  I hope that you will give my request every consideration, good midis are hard to find anymore.  Thank you so much.
In Christ's Love, Shy
Sign Time: 9/04/06

Visitor's Name: Pat

Comments: I would like to download the music to Lord, We Worship At Your Feet for use in our church.  Please let me know how.  Our church is a Church "Plant" in Prince George County, Virginia.  We have a membership of approx. 35 and have been meeting for over one year now.  We are meeting in a rented conference room of an Econo-lodge and we are thankful for that but pray God will lead us soon to some land so we can start a building.  Your music will help us add to our worship time.  God bless you. Thank You!!!
Sign Time: 7/21/06

Visitor's Name: Jerry Rardin

Comments: Hi Jerry and Larry,
As I type this note to you it comes to me Stuart Hamblen - It Is No Secret What God Can Do - might be related! I cannot tell you the excitement that is pulsating through my being as I read the words of this song Lord, We're Blessed By Your Presence!
I am retired, an ordained elder in the Methodist tradition and the chair of our committee of a blended service. This need was made vivid to me by my pastor's son who said we have to get some of our music in here. I was a bit concerned until he told me of a song....Lord, We're Blessed By Your Presence! So as I sit up against my ceiling it seems, I am blessed by you and the talent our God has given you. Thank you. Our church sits out in the country and we average about 140 a Sunday. We need to double, yes, even triple that as within a few miles are new subdivisions. Your music tells the same story as what I was raised on and it attracts all ages.  Keep up your work and again, THANK YOU!
Sign Time: 7/07/06

Visitor's Name: James White

Comments: Love your music. Is there any way I could get the bass guitar sheet music for the song we will shine on?  My wife and I are involved with the music at BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH in Tobaccovile NC.  Thanks.
Sign Time: 6/24/06

Visitor's Name: Sanddenney

Comments: I sang one of your songs today at church. Everyone loved it. I was really touched by it. Thanks for sharing. The song was "When I Pray, Thy Kingdom Come."
Sign Time: 5/28/06

Visitor's Name: Michele Nicklas

Comments: Hello, I have recently taken the Director of Music position at St Stephen Lutheran Church in Pompano Beach, FL. I would like to know what I need to do to use your midi files in my rehearsals with my contemporary ensemble.  My choir and musicians are not as advanced, so I would like to help them out. Thanks.
Michele Nicklas
Sign Time: 4/06/06

Visitor's Name: Deb Boyer

Comments: I am interersted in the real audio/midi file for "He's Robed in Majesty," to use on Easter Sunday for special music in our worship service.  I attend a small church and have no music budget.  I would appreciate it greatly.
Thank you.
Sign Time: 3/16/06

Visitor's Name:

Sign Time: 4/07/06

 Visitor's Name: Diane and Neil Sutherland
You are from: Nelson New Zealand

Comments: Great site.  God Bless you indeed!

Your favorite H&HM song(s): His Artistry at Work, A Throne room For Your Glory

Sign Time: 2/14/06

Visitor's Name: Del

Comments: I am enjoying your music, we would like use some of your  midis in our worship.  May we? I like some of your arrangements.
Sign Time: 2/07/06

Visitor's Name: Edna Green

Comments: Thank you for this amazing site God bless you.  Liverpool UK
Sign Time: 1/22/06

Visitor's Name: stanley sahayaraj

Comments: Dear Brother, i am stanley ( indian) and i am very happy to get nice music from u since it entertains and deviate from lot of agony and trouble .  bye
Sign Time: 1/19/06 6:27

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