To God be all the glory!  Great things He has done!

Visitor's Name: Tracey John
Comments:  I love your website! I have been able to find many beautiful songs to play in our church. Thank you for being so kind to share your songs with others!:-)
Sign Time: 12/30/07

Visitor's Name: Melva
Comments: I hope you will accept this award for the beautiful music you make and share so freely....
May our Lord continue to bless your ministry...
Sign Time: 12/29/07

Visitor's Name: Melva
Comments: Thank you for sharing your beautiful music!
Sign Time: 12/29/07

Visitor's Name: nice akpan
Comments:  hi, ireally appreciate what u guys are doing.
Sign Time: 12/24/07

Visitor's Name: Gloria
Comments:  Your songs are so appreciated....been using your site for a couple of years now.
Sign Time: 12/23/07

Visitor's Name: Gloria Knowles
Comments: I feel I must write and tell you how much I appreciate the songs that have been written for worship and made available on your site.  We have used many of them for our worship team at our church.  You make it so easy...the song, the midi and the sheet music and now you even offer different keys....thank you so much.
I play for our worship team and we are a small church on Vancouver island, British Columbia, Canada.  Although we belong to the ccli I often find songs which are suitable for our congregation.  The fact that the songts are scripture based is what is so appealing to me ( and our Pastor)..... We don't like the 7-11 words sang eleven times. You are truly gifted, and may God continue to bless you and the songs which you provide for us to use.
Serving Him
Sign Time: 12/23/07

Visitor's Name: jacob castle
Comments: thanks for running this awsome site
Sign Time: 12/19/07

Visitor's Name: Ray
Comments:  Dear Pastor Jerry,
A couple of weeks ago I started to tell you something and I didn't finish (at least I don't feel as though I told you enough of what was on my heart).  Please forgive me for not finishing the thought then and also for being so long in following up on what I began and didn't finish.  I have had some difficulty sleeping during the night and I wanted to share my experience.  The phrase from an old gospel song "He giveth me songs in the night" has become more real to me.  When I am unable to sleep, songs pop into my mind.  One which has repeatedly come to mind is "Reign in my heart."  Each time it comes to mind my thoughts go to you and I want to say thank you for this song and the many others you have written that have blessed and continue to bless the hearts of many us.

We have heard about the procedure which is coming up.  We will continue to pray for you and hope that this will be the answer and the end to this trial.

Sign Time: 12/15/07

Visitor's Name: Biswajit Chatterjee
Comments:  This Site is very good.
May God Bless you all.:-)
Sign Time: 12/9/07

Visitor's Name: Nkanjoh Emmanuel
Comments:  I realy wish to have some of your Music Sheets, Song Copies of each Song your groups or Choirs sing, and  free Gosple VCD's that i may also help others and sread the word of God through your Musics. I realy love music, Just Christian musics of all kinds, and i will be very greatful if my request is granted. Yours In His Vineyard
Sign Time: 12/5/07

Visitor's Name: ahosso
Comments: :-)i prefer your site than more i'm proud to join you to listen or read in the prayer songs. thank lot
Sign Time: 12/3/07

Visitor's Name: Bruce
Comments:  Hi
Sign Time: 11/29/07

Visitor's Name: Leroy A. Rasberry Sr.
Comments: I would like to record "Emmanuel God with us".  Please send "Mechanical License"
Sign Time: 11/22/07

Visitor's Name: Elizete Marques
Comments:  Thank you for sharing your precious songs with us.
God bless you.
Sign Time: 11/20/07

Visitor's Name: Valeria Bianconi
Comments:  You have wonderful songs! Congratulations!! May God bless your work!!:-)
Sign Time: 11/18/07

Visitor's Name: bonnie
Comments:  :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
Sign Time: 11/16/07

Visitor's Name: sigit
Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 11/15/07

Visitor's Name: Steve Flynn
Comments:  Hey Larry, Great song writing conference. Let's talk more on collaboration.
Sign Time: 11/14/07

Visitor's Name: Erin
Comments: :-?:-|thanks
Sign Time: 11/12/07

Visitor's Name: Shirley Griffin
Sign Time: 11/8/07

Visitor's Name: michael
Comments: good site.
Sign Time: 11/7/07

Visitor's Name: Bob Gilbert
Comments: Checking out your site
looks grat I'll visit often
Sign Time: 11/7/07

Visitor's Name: Christa
Comments: I came across your site recently and found the wonderful song "The Story of Christmas".  I hadn't heard or seen this song before and It is such a nice melody yet simple.  This is in line with what I would like to see being used more in our churches as opposed to the modern melodies.

Do you have this song in another key?  I think in the midi version it sounds like there is a key change for the third verse and I'm wondering if it would be possible to get that version to use.

Many thanks for your generosity and freedom for non-profit duplication and use.

God bless..

Sign Time: 11/1/07

Visitor's Name: Pamela
Comments:  :-)
I just love all your music.  I play piano and love to play your music.  The words are so beautiful and meaningful Thank you very much,
Sign Time: 11/1/07

Visitor's Name: Frank Colon
Comments: I am a new comer to this webpage...And after a short visit to this webpage, I thank God that He has allowed people like you, to share the gift of music with us. As a Music Minister at my local congregation, I consider myself a colleague. Yet, as a first time visitor to your website, I greet you as one who is appreciative of your ministry and your music.
As a Latino Minister of Music in a bilingual congregation, I'm often faced with the challenge of translating a given praise song either from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English... Regarding "Emmanuel, God with us", I'd like your permission to translate it into Spanish. I'd be more than happy to share the final translation with you, should you be interested...I've learned that there are beautiful praise songs in both languages, which unfortunately are solely in the language originally written. One of my goals is to find these praise songs and share them with our congregation, thus adding to our praise and worship repetiore...As such, should you consider the possibilities of sharing your ministry with our latino (spanish speaking), congregations, I would love an opportunity to share with you some of the things I've done...
In the interim, I'm going to enjoy teaching and singing "Emmnauel, God with us" (in both languages)...
Be blessed!!!
Sign Time: 10/23/07

Visitor's Name: Barb Morse
You are from: Ontario, Canada

Comments: In the past I have copied and used several selections from your site for our small church choir. Now for some reason every time I try to open the sheet music I am blocked.
Any ideas what might have happened.
I am really disappointed as we love your selections.
Thanks for your help.

Sign Time: 10/21/07

Visitor's Name: Krysta Sanders
Comments:  Just needed some sheet music, thought the Christmas were nice
Sign Time: 10/20/07

Visitor's Name: Mathree Maynard
Comments:  I have just found your page but I enjoy the music I've heard so far.
Sign Time: 10/11/07

Visitor's Name: Becca
Comments: ;-)u guys rock my heavenly socks:-D:-*:-!8-0#-):-U:-B:-}:-?:-*
Sign Time: 10/11/07

Visitor's Name: Brenda Conley
Comments:  Your music is wonderful!!! Do you allow sites to use your music, if they provide your link and copyright with them?
I would love to use some of your music on mine.:-) Thank you and God bless,
Sign Time: 10/5/07

Visitor's Name: Mabel
Comments: Thank you for such beautiful music ,where can we buy the C.D''S .I would love to have soundtrack's for then for Church. Please reply to my e-mal.
Sign Time: 10/1/07

Visitor's Name: GIL LACERDA
Sign Time: 9/26/07

Visitor's Name: Audra Norwood
Comments:  I direct a very small choir at the rural United Methodist Church in Friendsville, TN, and I love the simplicity of your music which are timely and simple enough for our choir to sing.  I would like to use the mp3 and sheet music for about 12 choir members (including me).  Please let me know if this is possible, cost or whatever is need to be able to use them.
Sign Time: 9/19/07

Visitor's Name: Mollet

Comments: I am always blessed by your music
Sign Time: 9/11/07

Visitor's Name: Mark Wyatt
Comments: Love the music and messages. From one artist to another and from one brother to another - you guys are great.
Sign Time: 8/31/07


Visitor's Name: charles Dinda

Comments:  :-)very happy tro have found this site. I like gospel music so much
Sign Time: 8/27/07

Visitor's Name: Jo

Comments: Thanks and more God's blessing for how you've blessing others like me ... ;-)
Sign Time: 8/20/07

Visitor's Name: HANDRY

Sign Time: 8/8/07

Visitor's Name: JoJo Lostra

Comments: Hello Mr. Hamblen,
I just want to thank you so much for transposing "You Are God" into the key of D.  I did sing it for special music and I give all Glory to Him for however praise returns to Him.  I appreciate your answering me in such a timely fashion, and for your willingness to serve the Lord in your ministry.  This was the first time I visited your website, and I will continue to do so in the future.
In thankfulness, and by His Grace,
Sign Time: 8/5/07

Visitor's Name: Dean Watson

Comments: Thank you for offering this site
Sign Time: 7/31/07

Visitor's Name: Janet Ilardo

Comments:  I stumbled across your website and started listening to your songs.   I fell in love with several of them, and am working on " You are God" with another lady.   Is it possible for us to record this song.  Our church is making a CD in the near future, and we just love this song.   Please let me know what we must do to be able to do this.   Much thanks and blessings for great music!!!
 Sign Time: 7/30/07

Visitor's Name:

Sign Time: //07

Visitor's Name: CHRIS WEST

Comments: thank you
Sign Time: 7/29/07

Visitor's Name: Brian Wiggins

Comments: Dear Bro. Jerry Hamblen:

Every now and then in this great big world, the Lord shows us in a very special way just how small it is.  I first came across the website simply based on a Google search.  When I saw the name "Hamblen," I thought .... No, couldn't be.  But it is!!

This is Brian Wiggins, Lonnie and Eunice Wiggins' oldest child (and only son).  My family and I are living in Elk Grove (southern Sacramento County) and we are members at Cypress MBC.  We have lived here now since 1988.  I married Missie Rigsby (her father is Rob Rigsby and she grew up in the Freedom church - Watsonville area).  We have two boys, Daniel (18) and Philip (15).

I remember that you followed Dad in pastoring the church in Sunnyvale.  I was a young boy of about 10 at the time.  As you probably recall, Dad pastored the Salinas church from about 1975 to 1982.  I graduated from North Salinas HS in 1979 and got my AA from Hartnell JC in 1981.  I then moved to Fresno to attend Fresno State and got my BS in Accounting in 1983.  I was only at Fresno for about 3 or 4 months when Dad resigned the Salinas church.  The "Salinas" years were very important years in my life and that is really where I did the majority of what I call "growing up."  I say all of that to say that your Mother and Father were wonderful people and I thought the world of them!  I can still remember the Business Meeting when I was elected as Assistant Song Leader - assistant to Bro. Lester Hamblen.  He gave me many, many opportunities to lead songs and he was always such an encouragement.  And you know, I'm Asst. Song Director currently atCypress as well as Treasurer and, along with my wife, Youth Leaders.  As a PK, I remember certain people in certain churches and for various reasons.  Bro. and Sis. Hamblen are two people that I remember very well and I know they were supportive of me and, actually, our whole family.  As my sisters, Cheryl and Darla, were learning to play the piano (something I should've stuck with too instead of playing basketball), Bro. Hamblen would come to the house and spend quite a while with that tuner of his and get the piano sounding as it should.  Both of my sisters are wonderful pianists today!

Well...its good to stop and recall memories and people from the past that stood, as still stand, as great examples.  Its truly a small world, isn't it?

And, by the way, I have spent a long time listening to some of the music on the website and I'm very impressed!!  I haven't heard a song yet that I don't like!!!  I hope you are able to continue writing and working on the website.

Write when you can and let me know how you and your family are doing.

God Bless!

Sign Time: 7/27/07

Visitor's Name: JoJo Lostra

Comments: Hello!  I would like to sing "You  Are God" for special music at worship service, and am wondering if there is an outside chance you have the sheet music for this song with F# and C#  (My music theory is mostly forgotten, but is this the key of D?)  I can reach the notes written in the key of F, however, the other one is better for me.  Thank you for your time, and I thoroughly enjoyed your website tonight!  Have a happy day!
Sign Time: 7/23/07

Visitor's Name: Ruthie Peltier

Comments: have a blrssed day
Sign Time: 7/23/07

Visitor's Name: Paula Franklin

Comments: I Love this music.  I play the piano and I could these songs for hours over and over!  I really do...just praising God and giving Him the glory He deserves!  thank you so much for the music and giving me a way to express my love and joy to the Lord.
Sign Time: /7/207

Visitor's Name: Brother Neil

Comments: Blessings
Sign Time: 6/26/07

Visitor's Name: Jacky March

Comments: I sometimes use your music for our Singers at Castle Hill URC, Ipswich UK. We recently had our 50th anniversary where 'Praise his Holy name' was a great success. Someone did a video clip which includes a few seconds of this piece and I have today put it on our website. I do hope this is OK. No doubt you will let me know if it is not and I will edit it out.
We are covered by CCL but, interestingly, we have found that here in the UK they don't wish to know about music downloaded from the internet, only items in books.
With best wishes
Sign Time: 6/8/07

Visitor's Name: Kathy

Comments: I love your songs.  We used "Cross Over the River" for a choir special a couple of months ago.  We are now looking at "He's Robed in Majesty" and "A Throne Room for Your Glory".  We're a small Church, so being able to use your songs is a blessing to us.
Thank you very much
Sign Time: 6/5/07

Visitor's Name: Sharon

Comments: I am really enjoying your web site and am tickled to have found it.  I believe God must have led me to it.  I'm going to share it with our choir and I know they'll enjoy it, too.  Take care and God bless.
Sign Time: 5/31/07

Visitor's Name: Dwayne Farrow

Comments: I was so delighted to find your Web site.  I am considering producing my own CD and would appreciate an application for a mechanical license to produce my own CD.  Please send it by email or mail
Sign Time: 5/22/07

Visitor's Name: Nita Botha

Comments: Being part of the world that knows music is an international language, makes my heart so warm. He is great and worthy to be praise and thaks for making it possible.
Sign Time: 5/24/07

Visitor's Name: Tiahanna Robinson

Comments: :-?
Sign Time: 5/22/07

Visitor's Name: Dexter Santillan

Comments: Have a blessed day, God bless
Sign Time: 5/17/07

Visitor's Name: Jerry Rardin

Comments: Thank you for your music and giving us the chance to sing His praises with you.
Sign Time: 5/13/07

Visitor's Name: Mary Ruessing

Comments:  I fell in love with all your songs I was so glad I found your site.Someday I hope to play for my church,Black River Baptist,On JJ Hwy in Williamsville, MO.63967 soory couldnt help myself there for a minute cause we are celebrating 185? in june of this year.thats right 185 years as church! Wow. Someday I just know God will let me play his piano in this wonderful place what a blessing that will be.thank you so much. Mary Ruessing.Love our Pastor Paul Seegraves
Sign Time: 5/12/07

Visitor's Name: Annette Ferguson

Comments: I look forward to viewing your site
Sign Time: 5/8/07

Visitor's Name: BONNIE HOOVER

Comments: Here I am sitting at our computer in Florida preparing for a vacation in the North and needing and seeking a song to sing during a worship service back North....the Lord directed me to your site I know!!!

May God bless you all ways always!!! The Lord certainly has annointed you both!!!

In His love and with gratefulness to your obedience and willingness to allow the Lord to use you!

Sign Time: 5/8/07

Visitor's Name:  Sharon Riddle

Comments: Good morning.  I was so delighted to find your web site this morning.  It's my turn to sing the special music next week and I didn't know what to sing.  I found "My Rock, My Cornerstone" and really enjoyed it.  I've printed the sheet music, but didn't know if I could copy the music to be able to play it at the service instead of having the pianist play.  I saw that you have to get permission if it's for profit, but this wouldn't be so I wasn't sure.  Thanks so much for your help.
Sign Time: 5/6/07

Visitor's Name: Fred Leslie

Comments: I have found your song Cross Over The River on a hymnal site. It plays your tune and has the words also. I am asking your permission to copy the words to the song as I gather some familiar and just good hymns to sing at a church sing-a-long at our house sometime in the future. I would strictly be a church function and your song would be sung just to glorify God and not used any further than that. If this is not possible, can you tell me where I can buy about seven one-page copies of just the words to the song. Thanks for your time. I remember your area as we used to bring kids over for Special Olympics to play floor hockey in San Diego. Tucson is a little too hot for me!
Sign Time: 5/1/07

Visitor's Name: Vic

Comments: I sing praises to His name.
Sign Time: 4/26/07

Visitor's Name: Lito

Comments: Continue to sing praises everyday.  God bless.:-D
Sign Time: 4/26/07

Visitor's Name: IRIE BI TE EDOUARD

Sign Time: 4/26/2007

Visitor's Name: Theresa Grimshaw

Comments: I've enjoyed your music!
Sign Time: 4/24/07

Visitor's Name: Bryce Skaar

Comments:  8-0
Sign Time: 4/23/07

Visitor's Name: Rene Stone

Comments: I love Hamblen and Hamblen's songs and music.  Is there anywhere I can purchase a CD?  I have heard the songs on the internet, but I want to make a CD so I can carry them in my car.  Thanks.
Sign Time: 4/21/07

Visitor's Name: Mark Davis

Comments: :-) I just found your site and enjoy your music so much. Thanks for the beautiful music and touching lyrics.
Sign Time: 4/12/07

Visitor's Name: Jabes De La Torre

Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 3/31/07

Visitor's Name: Barry Stowers

Comments: Thank you dear friends for lifting my heart this evening. Thank you for your dedication. Life has a way of testing our fortitude. May Christ be praised for his transforming strength - and how beautiful it is when we pass on the Heavenly Fathers praises.
Sign Time: 3/26/07

Visitor's Name: Daniel Jenkins

Comments: I'm just writing to inform you that yall have a great site and i have been looking for months for a site like yall have... i appreciate everything on yall page as a church pianist who can't find much music anywhere for free on the internet... thanks a bunch...
Sign Time: 3/21/07

Visitor's Name: Ruth Bigornia

Comments: You guys are such a blessing.. You compose wonderful songs.. Permit me to use some of your songs for our choir.. Thanks a lot.. Keep on composing songs for God's glory..
Sign Time: 3/12/07

Visitor's Name: Gloria Knowles

Comments: :-) What a blessing this site has been ...we use a lot of your songs as we like scripture based songs that have real meaning! Keep it up ...
The Lord Bless both of you for using your gifts for "His Service"
Sign Time: 3/8/07

Visitor's Name: Renee/siddigrl

Comments: Hello!!  I love the "Man of Sorrows", How I Love Thee tune. As you said I would. If I could carry a tune, I would borrow it. lol  Be blessed!
Sign Time: 2/22/07

Visitor's Name: Linda and Gary Reeves

Comments:  We appreciate your music so very much and have been using your sheet music downloads for a couple years since finding your site.Thank you for providing this wonderful service so that we can better serve the Lord in our worship and praise.
  My husband and I use our talents for the Lord where-ever possible. Our talents are not great but want to show others the road to God, if possible. We play the electric piano, organ, accordian and sing in our work. We are farmers approaching retirement and hope to use our free time for the Lord. We currently play for churches, nursing home and the gospel mission.
  We feel we could do even more, in the power of God, if we could obtain your permission to down-load pieces of you music on cd's. Please consider our application for this procedure or contact us if you have any questions.    Yours in Christ.
Sign Time: 2/19/07

Visitor's Name: Shy

Comments: Thank you for visiting my site and your kind comments.  I found your website one night as I was browsing about.  I just adore all you have written, what wonderful praise and worship songs. I have used many of your midis on all my websites with permission and credit of course.  What a gift you have, thank you for providing such a wonderful service to us who have christian websites.  God bless you both, keep up the good work.
Sign Time: 2/7/07

Visitor's Name: Myron Walker

Comments:  I am the musician for my Sunday School. I will befinatly be using this sheet music. God Bless
Sign Time: 2/4/07

Visitor's Name: Annie McIntyre

Comments:  Thank you for sharing your music with us, the public. I am going through the trial of my life and "The Wings of a Dove" is a great comfort to me, as many other of your songs. I use your music at my piano for comfort and encouragement. This is truly a ministry that will bring much fruit into glory. One day I hope to sing my "comfort" songs as part of my testimony of God's faithfulness to me.  God Bless you both.
Sign Time: 1/24/07

Visitor's Name: Gary and Linda Reeves

Comments:  Thank You so very much for sharing your talent and love of the Lord with all of us. I have been using some of your music since we first discovered your site about 10 months. Now I find some more wonderful songs. I have made copies of the music sheets and words. I am not able to make CDs. However, rest assured the music is used often as I play the organ and piano in our small church. My husband and I sing and play often in care-centers and nursing home and churches and will be using your songs. He plays the accordian and I the electric piano and we both sing. We also play melodicas.
Thank you again and God bless you in your work. We pray that your migrains have eased.
Faithfully yours in Christ
Sign Time: 1/23/07

Visitor's Name: Janice Dawson

Comments: Dear Sir, Is there any place where I can buy the recorded music for “Remember Me”.  Our male soloist would like to sing this at our next communion service.
Sign Time: 1/22/07

Visitor's Name: Mark

Comments: Yes Sir!:-) It just keeps getting gooder and gooder!
Sign Time: 1/16/07

Visitor's Name: Bob and Annie mcIntyre

Comments: Your music has blessed me these days while I have been going through various trials in my family. I only wished that my church would lean to playing your style. We are rather learning music from England that is "on the cutting edge", whatever that means. Unlike your music, it is congregationally-unfriendly.  Nevertheless, God knows what we need and will bring it by - via your site.

God Bless you and heal you in Jesus name....

Sign Time: 1/14/07

Visitor's Name: Sonia Friberg

Comments: Your music has touched my heart.  I appreciate what you are doing by allowing free access to both your printed music and your midi presentations.

I am a new Christian..........about 13 years..........and I am a piano player and composer, also.  Your music will be filling a gap that I find when I perform my preludes at church and elsewhere.

Thank you for your generosity.

Sign Time: //07

Visitor's Name: Tom

Comments: What a lovely site. This is going to give my friends and I much pleasure. I hope you will be able to help me find the music I am looking for. You will give many people great pleasure. I have alredy shared this site with a friend in Malta. I am a Roman Catholic really, but there is a long story there. Peace be with you and yours.  Kindest Regards.
Sign Time: 1/10/07

Visitor's Name: Sherry Jeske

Comments: Enjoyed a few of the songs that I have printed out and tried.
Sign Time: 1/6/07

Visitor's Name: AMANDA SIMMONS

Comments: Dear Jerry, I used to get migraines, just wanted you to know that, also that I have been healed of that awful pain. I pray for you to receive the same healing, because our GOD is no respect of person. So I am praying for divine touching for you. GOD BLESS YOU, and please keep up the calling on your life. GOD IS FAITHFUL TO DO ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL THAT WE NEED OR ASK. THANK YOU.
Sign Time: 1/4/07

Visitor's Name: Gloria

Comments:  I love this site.  I just printed off 7 new songs for our choir to learn @ practice next monday . . . Thanks again for this site.  I love just listening to the songs. It helps to hear a song before you try to play it on the piano as well.
Sign Time: 1/2/07

Visitor's Name: Bonnie Davis

Comments: Thank you for all of the wonderful songs you have have given us! I'm a choir director/organist at Bethany United Church of Christ-only 8 members in the choir-but they are so dedicated-all to the Glory of God! I just found a plethora of new songs on your site thank you so much! I pray that Jerry's migraine's are better! God bless you both for all of your amazing songs-we sing at least one each week!!
Sign Time: 1/2/07