To God be all the glory!  Great things He has done!

Visitor's Name: Jibuin Emmanuel Nkanjoh

Comments:  i wish to join this Christian webpage organising and puplishing committee.
   Thanks or understanding.
Sign Time: 12/30/08

Visitor's Name: vincent behill
Comments: Praise the lord brothers, I am writing to ask permission to record some of your songs. My name is Vincent Behill and I attend Agape mission church in porterville ca. a couple of years ago I came across your site and found your music to be inspiring and beautiful. I also wright songs and play by ear. The lord has given me 20 plus songs but they are mostly for solo. I was asking the lord about my wife Mary who also sings for some songs to sing with me. He reminded me of you. your songs are perfect for our voices and our spirit. So I prayerfully ask you this permission. God Bless,
Sign Time: 12/29/08

Visitor's Name: vincent behill
Comments:  8-0 Thank God for your site I pray god will use you always to bring honer and glory. Let your Music flow through our brothers and give comfort to brother jerry. with healing in your wings.
Sign Time: 12/29/08

Visitor's Name: Laura Sands
Comments: Really enjoy the quality of music that is produced by your company. Thank You.
Sign Time: 12/29/08

Visitor's Name: LadyGayle
Comments:  Thank you so much for allowing us to use your beautiful music on our site. God has blessed us by our sharing of your work on An Hour With You. Many are unable to get out and attend Church and turn to the internet for their needs. Thank you again for your generosity, it is appreciated by us and many many more.  God's blessing upon you and yours.
Sign Time: 12/27/08

Visitor's Name: Cathryn WILKINSON
Comments:  Thank You for sharing the word of God thru music. I have found it very up lifting.:-0
Sign Time: 12/27/08

Visitor's Name: Pastor Frank
Comments: I was looking for some Christmas music for a small choir to sing and found your site.  God always sends us gifts and this was one!:-D:-D:-D:-D
Sign Time: 12/20/08

Visitor's Name: Carol Butler
Comments: I have a question.  Our church has a CCLI license and I direct a Folk Choir at the church.  I would love to use some of your songs for the Folk Choir to sing at services but didn't know if this is ok.  From what I was told by the music minister at our church that it would be okay per the license if we were using the pieces for congregational singing but not for a choir to use.
In reading some of your guestbook entries, it looks like other choirs have used them but I wanted to doublecheck.


Sign Time: 12/10/08

Visitor's Name: Kayren Harbour
Comments:  :-D
Sign Time: 12/8/08

Visitor's Name: Lou Favi
Comments: I really enjoy listening to your beautiful music, however, I was just wondering if I could use one of your Christmas songs for our Mass, I need permission to download to my CD (if I learn how to do this!!)
Sign Time: 12/7/08

Visitor's Name: Jo Ann Irons
Comments: I would like to know if you produce any accompaniment tapes with your music especially the song, "Christ the Newborn Baby in a Manger Lay".

I enjoy your music but this one is especially beautiful.   Of course I am partial to Christmas music about the Christ Child.

Sign Time: 12/6/08

Visitor's Name: June Sisson
Comments: Do you play the Christmas songs on a Claviona piano or key board if so what can I set it on to get the sound of the bells with The Piano. Thank You very much for your site, its wonderful PTL  I will try to teach my home church some of the new songs. They have learned Shine Shine and love it Thank You
Sign Time: 12/3/08

Visitor's Name: Michelle Hunter
Comments:  Thanks for the music.
Sign Time: 11/25/08

Visitor's Name: M johnson
Comments: I am working out in Pakistan with the Government.  I am a Christian and a British Citizen.  I have been attending this church for the last year.  I have started a praise and worship team but find it difficult to get any sheet music for some of the older hyms and for some new worship and praise songs.

I do not know how to read music and the organist can read music but find it difficult to play by ear.
With help of your sheet music this can improve our choir and praise.

Thank You

Sign Time: 10/31/08

Visitor's Name: Ronald Kandonwe
Comments: I love praise and worship. Music is my life and God up lifts me through praise and worship
Sign Time: 10/31/08

Visitor's Name: Sandra Culp
Comments:  I have enjoyed all of your music.  I am Pianist at my church and play a  lot of your songs, I just played Cross Over The River and they loved it. I
play different songs for the offertory and I use a lot of yours. God bless  you and keep you, your music just makes me feel so good. I love the Lord  with all my heart and would't trade this life for anything. I would like for you to be inprayer for me I was on my job for 17 years and the doors closed (mortgages) I was Office Manager and have been out of work sence June 08 I am looking so hard and have an interview on Monday the 13th at 2:00 please ask the the Lord to be with me and help me find work.  I live alone and I know he will take care of me, and I know I have to work also. So pray that God will open a door for me I have sent out over 100 resumes and nothing yet. I sat at my Piano and play for hours and it is a good  feeling playing gospel music.
Sign Time: 10/18/08

Visitor's Name: Lou Favi
Comments: Thanks so much for letting me hear some of your beautiful sheet music.
Do you put new songs on  your web often?
Sign Time: 10/18/08

Visitor's Name: Patricia and William Thomas
Comments: Greetings in the name of our Lord - I came across your website by chance  and have spent the last few hours listening, singing and downloading many  of your wonderful gospel songs - I can't tell you what a joy they have  been to my soul and can't wait to be able to sing them again with my  husband when he gets in from work. We do use the gifts of singing voices  that God has given to us to raise funds for those in need and would love to be able to sing some of your songs in concerts etc.  Is it possible to  download some backing tracks of those we choose .

 My husband and I have already made a CD entitled 'The Gift' which the Lord  has richly blessed thus far and we trust that we can change even just one  person's life in this world in which there is so much need.


Sign Time: 10/18/08

Visitor's Name: Fredrick Mphunda
Comments: I really love your music and I would be glad if you would provide permission for our choir just to record Cross Over the River. We won’t use it for profit making
Sign Time: 10/18/08

Visitor's Name: Nelda Milligan
Comments:  I was just directed to this site by a member of my congregation.  I'm
 interested in checking it out further when I have more time.  Thank you
 for making this available, especially for we bi-vocational musicians at
 smaller churches.  We do have a CCLI # & will abide by the rules as
Sign Time: 10/18/08

Visitor's Name: calvin mauk
Comments: Thank you for sharring such good music with us
Sign Time: 9/25/08

Visitor's Name: John Alexander
Comments: Thanx for the sheet music !!
Sign Time: 9/24/08

Visitor's Name: James Gibbons
Comments: I am writin to ask for the full track of Scarifice of praise.

Thank-you  - - - -

Sign Time: 9/13/08

Visitor's Name: Jan Walls
Comments:  Our church is lic. with CCLI. We are a small church of 75 people on a good Sunday. I am the Pastor's wife and going to class to put together a web site. May we sing your songs on our web site? Thank You, Woodbridge Community Church
Sign Time: 9/11/08

Visitor's Name: Bernice Ward
Comments: Hi beautiful website may God continue to bless your lives .... May I use some of your midi's on my website?
Sign Time: 9/10/08

Visitor's Name: Terri
Comments:  thank you for sharing your music with others.  God Bless:-)
Sign Time: 9/10/08

Visitor's Name: Doug Easterling
Comments: Hey Larry (QuickzDraw), this is AUTigers001!  Very cool that you write music!
Sign Time: 9/9/08

Visitor's Name: Julius Larrymore
Comments: :-)Keep the up the good work.
Sign Time: 8/31/08

Visitor's Name: Aleshia C McBride
Comments: Thanks for the great website!!
Sign Time: 8/17/08

Visitor's Name: Carol Beavers
Comments: Thanks for the beautiful music.  It is such a blessing.  We will be singing "A Throne Room for Your Glory" at our church service tomorrow evening!  God Bless you!
Sign Time: 8/2/08

Visitor's Name: Cheryl Clark
Comments: Thank you for sharing your gift with others.
Sign Time: 8/1/08

Visitor's Name: lee
Comments:  hi
Sign Time: 7/8/08

Visitor's Name: Natalie
Comments:  I LUV THE MUSIC! :-):-):-):-)
Sign Time: 7/3/08

Visitor's Name: Betty Jenkins
Comments:  :-)  Thank you.
Sign Time: 7/3/08

Visitor's Name: DeAndrea Johnson
Comments: This site wass very helpful. I absolutely LOVED it!!!
Hope many more people visit and find what they need.
Love you dearly!!!!8-08-08-08-0
Sign Time: 7/2/08

Visitor's Name: solo
Comments:  Lovely
Sign Time: 6/26/08

Visitor's Name: Paula Saint Pierre
Comments:  Greetings from upnorth Michigan... Thank you both for blessing me today!  I was looking for sample harp a beginner harpist... and somehow God GAVE ME your site... I play piano, organ and keyboard in church, mostly keyboard these days... and I longed for fresh music that HAD MEANING, not just repitions... and my heart is so filled right now... there aren't enough King James words to express what I felt as the Holy Spirit just "filled me with a warmth and peace;" Thank you! Much Christian Love
Sign Time: 6/24/08

Visitor's Name: Marge Glazier
Comments:  The Lord opened your webpage just when I needed it!  God bless you.  Praise to Jesus destroys all that the enemy tries to attack us.  Jesus is so precious.  Thank you for sharing His praises here.
Sign Time: 6/16/08

Visitor's Name: Ma. Cecilia Agnes Fernandez
Comments: A friend forwarded your website for me to listen and read the lyrics of the song.The lyrics and the melody are so beautiful and very inspsiring.  Thank you for sharing your God's given talent to us.
Thank you and God bless you both.  :-}
Sign Time: 5/30/08

Visitor's Name: Terri L. Helmick
Comments: My daughter was born with a life-threatning birth defect called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. We knew she had horrible odds but we also knew that God was on our side. She was born Aug 06 in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. (900 miles away from our home in Iowa.) By the Grace of God she survived and is doing very well today. Because of Ava and our passion to educate others about CDH.

I became a director of a non-profit organization called Breath of Hope. I along with my sister I wrote a song for this organization called Little Angels. It is about all the babies that were given this diagnosis. Half of these babies die at birth. We were extremely blessed. I have started putting a video together of several of our babies on Breath of Hope with their parents permission of course. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to use your little song, "Forever and Ever?" along with my song. I will give you credit at the end of the video. My song is just not quite long enough for the whole video.

This song means the world to me. I found your website several years ago. I have two other daughters and I taught them the song. It is a favorite at bedtime.

Anyways, when Ava was in the nicu, I sang this song to her all the time. Along with my ever so favorite one, "I surrender all." We have so much history with this song that I just had to write and see if it would be possible to add your song, "Forever and Ever" to our video-tribute to these babies.

As I am new to song writting I know how important it is to get things okayed by authors. I would need an MP3 version of it.

You song means so much to me and my husband. Everytime I hear it I cry. We couldn't hold Ava until she was 18 days old, because she was on life support. When I finally got her in my arms and sang to her it was so amazing!

I thank God for you two men. You did an awesome thing when you started writing music. You both have such a gift!

Sign Time: 5/27/08

Visitor's Name: Tom
Comments: This is a keeper. Way too much great stuff to go through in one visit.

Thank you so much for making all of this available.

Sign Time: 5/24/08

Visitor's Name: Marsha Miller
Comments: For years I have dabbled at the piano trying to teach myself.  I am now taking lessons and am excited to use the sheet music you provide as exercise in learning and getting familiar with reading.  Thank you so much for your contribution to my learning.  I am 52 years old. Again, many thanks.
Sign Time: 5/23/08

Visitor's Name: Cindi Benfield
Comments: Thanks so much for your beautiful music.
Sign Time: 5/22/08

Visitor's Name: Kayleigh
Comments: I know these people and love them very much!!!:-)
Sign Time: 5/22/08

Visitor's Name: Alice Smith
Comments: Thanks Larry for the use of some really beautiful music.  I am hoping that our ladies will like doing it ...if not ...I certainly will. God bless yall for this wonderful ministry.
Sign Time: 5/8/08

Visitor's Name: Barbara Perkins
Comments: I love the song “It happened on Pentecost” written by Larry A Hamlien.  Does this come in a choral arrangement?  I would like very much for my choir to sing it next Sunday and we have practiced from the one page score but I would like an arrangement if possible.

Barbara J. Perkins
Choir Director
Alamo Heights CC
San Antonio, TX 78209

Sign Time: 5/5/08

Visitor's Name: Deana
Comments:  Hello:-)
Sign Time: 5/3/08

Visitor's Name: Edward Pendleton
Comments: I love traditional gospel music some away the old Pentecostal sing it
Sign Time: 4/23/08

Visitor's Name: Geoffrey Munsongo
Comments: This is an awesome and inspiring Web Site.
May the Almighty God bless you all as you continue preaching the world of God through Music.
Sign Time: 4/18/08

Visitor's Name: szalay lászló
Comments: Congratulation!prima site prima music.easy listening and my choir with not young people can learn these with much pleasure Thank You and much suxcesses8-0
Sign Time: 4/16/08

Visitor's Name: Montana
Comments: the songs are great, thanks!
Sign Time: 4/14/08

Visitor's Name: Arnie yanson
Comments: it's my joy to hear your music
God Bless you.
Sign Time: 4/13/08

Visitor's Name: Rommel
Comments:  I am looking for a song sheet for our choir. Thanks a lot.
Sign Time: 4/8/08

Visitor's Name: Mercy Domingo
Comments:  It was very encouraging to hear praises for God while working. I thank God for your ministry.:-)
Sign Time: 4/3/08

Visitor's Name: Jennifer Ingleby
Comments: It has been a joy to listen to your music while I have been busy with voluntary work for our summer children's club.
Sign Time: 3/20/08

Visitor's Name: Lillian Eddy
Comments:  I have used your program before and had at that time permission from you to print the sheet music.
  I haven't done it in a long time but hope I still have permision to print them\
Sign Time: 3/22/08

Visitor's Name: Grace
Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 3/15/08

Visitor's Name: Dick Christen
Comments: Larry,

I am listening right now to “In Your Presence.”  I really love it, great words and beautiful tune.  Sherrill just came into my study and is listening too.  What a great production.  May the Lord be pleased to give it a wide use of ministering to the hearts of God’s people. I’ve been singing along with a few tears welling up.  How wonderful to come with boldness into His presence.  What grace!

It was such a delight having lunch with you.  Wish we lived closer.  Thanks for taking the time.  We leave, DV, next Wednesday for three weeks back in Bermuda.

Hope to see you again sometime……in beautiful Coronado.

Sign Time: 3/14/08

Visitor's Name: Marilyn Bucchi
Comments: Sure am enjoying listening to the music.  You are using the gift of music to honor God and bless the body of Christ.  Thanks for sharing the praise and music.
Sign Time: 3/12/08

Visitor's Name: Lydia
Comments:  8-08-0 8-08-08-08-08-0 love your music!!:-)
Sign Time: 3/10/08

Visitor's Name: lonnie perry
Comments: Thank
Sign Time: 3/10/08

Visitor's Name: Gloria Faavesi
Comments: ;-)  What a blessing 8-0...I've been sitting here for the last 3hrs listening & singing along to your beautiful songs, just love your website, so unique in how we have access not only to the lyrics but to the music sheets too, just what I've been looking for.  Gods blessing to your ministry of music, and praise to him always :-!
Sign Time: 3/4/08

Comments: Its nice to hear your songs.  i would like to have the whole tracks in mp3 or wma format for the following songs so we can learn and sing in our church:


Though i have downloaded the music, its always nice to listen to the complete songs and learn. we want to try them for this Easter.

Sign Time: 2/29/08

Visitor's Name: angelito
Comments: lif is good!
Sign Time: 2/27/08

Comments: it's a beautiful collection
Sign Time: 2/18/08

Visitor's Name: Nichole
Comments: I   love  your      song.I    love     you    grandpa8-08-0
Sign Time: 2/15/08

Visitor's Name: Frederick E. Scharpenberg
Comments: New to churh choir. This will help agreat deal.
Sign Time: 2/15/08

Visitor's Name: April Ikey
Comments:  I love your web site..when I hear and red the workd to yet will I praise you i wept tears of joy just for the pure beauty of the words. I down loaded the sheet music and me and my friend are going to sing it in our church. What a blessing this web site is...I praise the Lord for it
Sign Time: 2/13/08

Visitor's Name: Stephanie Harris
Comments: HI i am a praise and worship leader for the 2nd baptist youth. I was looking for some fresh new up beat songs that will get them in the building:-):-):-)
Sign Time: 2/12/08

Visitor's Name: Tameron Hodges
Comments:  My favorite Hamblen people are Leigh and Larry from my church in Coronado.
Sign Time: 1/20/08

Visitor's Name: carroll
Comments: Keep up the work for the lord guys. this is a really good site!! my faith grows weak sometimes but just listening to the music on here, helps me it's my first time to visit this site may god richly bless you, pray for me and my family i have a brother and a sister that are lost without god my sisters health is goin bad thanks for this site!!!
Sign Time: 1/17/08

Visitor's Name: Sandie
Comments: I have so much enjoyed the songs I am Pianist for my church, and I will use some of these songs for worship and offertory music.  God bless you and keep you please put some more in.
Sign Time: 1/11/08

Visitor's Name: bryana olson
Comments: I love ur song come to the fountain
Sign Time: 1/7/08

Visitor's Name: Bonnie Hoover
Comments: What an intense blessing your web site continues to be to me!!

I'm a grandma and presently on 'house rest' per dr.'s orders. Loving the Lord with all my heart and so very used to using the gift of music He has given to me it has been SO very difficult to have my 'wings' clipped' as it were...however, I am stepping out faith tonight and will be singing at a local mobile home park giving praise to our Lord!! In fact, I have chosen to sing the song you folks have written: 'Lest We Forget Our Savior's Love'!!

I cherish the songs that you make so readily available to us all and once again today have printed some off; so, if you hear a voice singing praises to our Lord coming from the deep South of Florida tis only I!!

May the Lord bless you as he ministers to the depth of your souls individually and to your ministry He has placed into your hands.

To God be all the glory!!!

In His love and with caring hugs and heartfelt prayers!

Sign Time: 1/3/08