To God be all the glory!  Great things He has done!

Visitor's Name: Linda

Comments: Jerry you are awesome,
This download worked.  Thanks ever so much.  I owe you big time.  Thank you, thank you.
You made my day.  I love singing the praises of God and I am trying to learn keyboard.
I used to play guitar as a teenager but over time my fingers just don't bend like they used too.

Again thanks.
Have a wonderful holiday season.

God Bless.


Sign Time: 12/18/11

Visitor's Name: Ev Kaufman
Comments: Looking for gospel sheet music to use in church
Sign Time: 12/14/11

Visitor's Name: Esther Noguera
Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 12/12/11

Visitor's Name: Mike Strand
Comments: I was thinking of you and thought I would check out your site.  It's good to see you are still writing music with Jerry.

Have a great Christmas!
God bless,

Sign Time: 12/12/11

Visitor's Name: sherry welch
Comments:  soon and very soon
Sign Time: 12/4/11

Visitor's Name: Everett Kaufman
Comments:  Looking for sheet music for quartets mand mixed groups
Sign Time: 11/30/11

Visitor's Name: Barbara Patterson
Comments:  Was looking for
"Oh What a Savior" but really enjoyed your web page.
Sign Time: 11/28/11

Visitor's Name: Ruth Osborne
Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 11/28/11

Visitor's Name: richard  anthony
Comments:  We use many of your songs real nice of you people to do this for us thanks so much
Sign Time: 10/30/11

Visitor's Name: The Thorpes
Comments: Thank you so very much for your prompt reply - the music is exactly what I needed - the lower register!

I belong to the Emmaus Christian choir in Bristol, England where I sing alto - however sometimes I do take the tenor line if needed.

May God continue to richly bless you.

Sign Time: 10/24/11

Visitor's Name: Len Vavruska
Comments:  I just found out about your site this mornng and I am impressed by the wonderful and beautiful hymns that I have listened to so far.  I am the organist, piano player and main choir director for our church and we have been looking for some new hymns.  I have put a couple of your hymns with accompyment on the Yamaha Clavinova we have and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for this site!  I will be back to listen to more of your hymns.   Thanks be to God for a person like yourself and sharing your music!
Sign Time: 10/23/11

Visitor's Name: Jackie Thorpe
Comments: Please would  it be possible  for you to change the key to 2 of your Christmas songs for me?

I would like to have 'Love oh such love - how amazing' and 'The story of Christmas' both in SATB version in the key of Eflat.

If this is possible I will be most grateful.

Your songs have been such a blessing to so many people as I have sung them around many different outreach meetings  in the Bristol area of England.

May God continue to richly bless you.

In Him
Jackie Thorpe

Sign Time: 10/21/11

Visitor's Name: cotoPraiscoff
Comments: Man .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I will bookmark your site and take the feeds alsoI am happy to find a lot of useful information here in the publish, we'd like develop more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .
Sign Time: 10/20/11

Visitor's Name: Ray Miller
Comments: As a musician myself, I appreciate your talents and dedication in creating such works and the availability to all. God bless.
Sign Time: 10/8/11

Visitor's Name: Samuel R. Dinoy
Comments:  I'm new. Just visiting.
Sign Time: 10/5/11

Visitor's Name: George E. Robertson
Comments:  Would like to know if your music would be available for church choir?
Sign Time: 9/29/11

Visitor's Name: Peter Lam
Comments:  Thank you for so graciously sharing your compositions and allowing downloads.
Sign Time: 9/20/11

Visitor's Name: Gogo
Comments:  Hi, saw your site and music. Great music. Will practice it on piano. Great job. God bless you both. and about the headache, God will see to that.
Sign Time: 9/13/11

Visitor's Name: Gloria Knowles
Comments: Hi Jerry
Our church congregation really like "Jesus is Worthy of All Our Praise" which  we will be playing and singing in our church service this coming Sunday.  The song leader is so impressed with the songs of yours that I have recently introduced.....he says"keep them coming" ..  Although we belong to CCLI and have access to many, many songs, one has to search long and hard to find ones with the spiritual depth in which you write.  Praise God for your gifts, the two of you are truly a blessing to those of us who just play and not write.

I have just learned Built on the Rock.  It is a song that I know will delight our musicians.  Would it be possible to transpose the song from F to G for our euphonium player?

We have just had our 23 year old grandson call us with the news that he is engaged and will be married seen good examples of how believers live their lives in both of their parents.

I have just learned an old hymn of Dr Haldor Lillenas called The Bible Stands.  ...what truth about God's book.  Have you ever read the words or heard the music for it.  I searched and have's rich!

Thank you again for your consideration,
Gloria K

Sign Time: 8/30/11

Visitor's Name: Margie West
Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 8/24/11

Visitor's Name: Paulette Walkwitz
Comments: Thank you so much.  I played some of your songs Sunday.  They enhanced our prayerful atmosphere!

God bless both of you!

Sign Time: 8/23/11

Visitor's Name: Paulette Walkwitz
Comments: Your music is beautiful.  Just discovered it!  I am a volunteer organist for my church and always looking for soft music to play, not sing.  Would I need a CCLI license for this?
Sign Time: 8/19/11

Visitor's Name: Becky
Comments:  :-) My daughter has never learned music but sings by hearing and it has been difficult to find music for her.
Her instructor said she is metzo-sprano.
Someone at church said she is a B range.
I grew up playing from the old hymn book.
God bless, Becky
Sign Time: 8/4/11

Visitor's Name: Mornay Fouche
Comments:  :-D8-0 I have search the net for months for good sites to find quality choir music.There is no site as good as this one.Thank you for this and I pray for the blessings of the Lord for you.
Sign Time: 7/27/11

Visitor's Name: Tracie
Comments:  I would love to have the sound tract to he soars on the wings of the wind and have..... I rather have Jesus more than anything or just the words
Sign Time: 7/15/11

Visitor's Name: Hannah Cyr
Comments:  Nice Website ! :-D
Sign Time: 7/15/11

Visitor's Name: GLORIA
Comments:Hi Jerry
Would it be possible to email a copy of Jesus Is Worthy of All Our Praise in the Key of A in a lead sheet as we have several musicians who require it to be raised.  The melody and rhythm of the music is so beautiful and sets one's heart and mind in a peaceful mood....thank you for this song ,....when I am troubled I often play it.  I know our musicians at church would like it too and I'd like to introduce them to it.
The new addition for Christmas is "sweet" (cool as my older grandchildren say).  I'm sure we will use it in our Christmas services.

Would it be possible to send the music in the key of D in a lead sheet for the song Cast Your Cares Upon the Savior for the two players as well?  I introduced it in another church three years ago and it was one of their favorites.


Sign Time: 7/7/11

Visitor's Name: Wanda Moore
Comments: First I must say that I truly enjoy the beautiful music you’ve written.

I am in the process of doing a personal CD recording and would like to use the song “Wings of a Dove”.

I am a musician in New Brunswick Canada and do some singing with a Southern Gospel Quartet and some music on my own.

I am recording a CD for friends and family who have requested it.  I am planning to do approx 100 CD’s total.  I will take some to sell at any musical engagements I may have, to try and recover the cost of recording.

Anyway, let me know if I may use this song on the CD and what your charge is.

Thanks and God Bless.

Wanda Moore

Sign Time: 6/28/11

Visitor's Name: Shimeah Aguinaldo
Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 6/22/11

Visitor's Name: TAMMY ALLABOH
Sign Time: 6/21/11

Visitor's Name: Michael Robertson
Comments:  :-):-}trying to find simple sheet music to sing in my church, thanks Mike
Sign Time: 6/11/11

Visitor's Name: nigel
Comments: :-D This song have given me the courage to continue to praise god from day to day
Sign Time: 6/4/11

Visitor's Name: Cyndi Hill
Comments: Love the music!:-}
Sign Time: 6/2/11

Visitor's Name: Robert
Comments: My wife and I came across your site and it is great thank you for some great music. My wife plays the piano and we recently got her a keyboard and found out that we can hook it up to the computer and record her playing. This gave us an idea of how to make some extra money. However we are both on SSI and don’t have lots of money to get permission to record songs. We were wondering if we could get permission from you to record and sell for profit your songs of course we will give full credit to you and put your url on the jacket. You can email us at or call us at 940-684-1278 at any time.

Thank you for your time and help.

Sign Time: 5/19/11

Visitor's Name:
Comments: Dear Jerry Hamblen
We check our performing record, the performance presented by the National Taiwan University of the Performing Arts Center’s,y ou can contact as follow? Telephone? +886 2 22722181 (ext. 514)


1. A Christmas Festival  Alfred Reed
2. Holiday Overture  Kenneth P. Soper
3. Da Pacem Domine   Melchior Franck
4. Praise His Holy Name  Jerry D. Hamblen
5. Jazz Gloria   Natalie Sleeth
6. Silent Night
7. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring  J.S Bach
8.Poeme Du Feu  Ida Gotkovsky
9. El Camino Real   Alfred Reed
10. Vilja-lied (“Die Lustige Witwe”)  franz lehar
11. Solo De Concours  Andre Msseager
12. White Christmas  John moss
13. Ultimate christmas  George Megaw

Sign Time: 5/10/11

Visitor's Name: louie
Comments: To God All The Glory and Honor.Amen
Sign Time: 5/6/11

Visitor's Name: Walker McGaughey
Comments:  Wow!
Sign Time: 4/8/11

Visitor's Name: Happy Yates
Comments: Thank you for providing this inspirational music. These songs really does make me Happy.
Sign Time: 4/4/11

Visitor's Name: june william
Comments: Do you have a link on your site somewhere to download real player?
Sign Time: 3/26/11

Visitor's Name: Alfred Rapthap (from India)
Comments: I just love the song We will shine on and let your glory shine from your website. I was wondering if you have the satb on the two hymns, so that as a small group we can sing with real joy.
Sign Time: 3/22/11

Visitor's Name: Ruth Tingler
Comments:  Thanks for sharing your gift of music. I use it in our small group for worship.
Sign Time: 3/10/11

Visitor's Name: Gloria Knowles
Comments: I am so sorry to hear that you have not been well.  We will make it a matter of prayer that the Lord will improve your health in the coming weeks.

I  have taken your suggestions and will see what works best for the worship group.
I do appreciate as well as the guitarists and horn players the efforts that you make to help us with lead sheets as well as the suggestion regarding the G#  in the song Beyond the Pale as one of the guitarists has only been playing for a couple of years and is still learning chords.  The lead sheet for the Shepherd King will be used on Sunday March 20 as I introduced the group to the song this past Thursday....they really liked it.!  My husband will be leading the singing that Sunday and he goes around the house singing and whistling the melody.

This past Sunday Tim our worship leader picked out He Speaks Peace to Me and this has become a favorite of ours to play and sing.
My husband read your reply to my email and he remarked "what a humble man Jerry is".

Your songs are such a blessing to me and the worship team as they are biblically based and don't contain the fluffy stuff that so many young writers put out.  I don't know whether I commented about the "one liners" that are repeated 7 times....we call them the 7-11 songs .... .  I don't mean to be critical as I don't have the gift of writing songs but I use this as an example of why we appreciate you and your cousins  gifts so much.

Thank you for the freedom that you have given me to write to you for lead sheets and to express the areas where I require your help.
You explained the change  so I understood it  and  you didn't confuse me at all.

Blessings  on you as you continue to  work in serving our great Savior !

Sign Time: 3/7/11

Visitor's Name: Gloria Knowles
Comments:  Hi Jerry
I have just been practicing the song "Shepherd King "...the melody is so beautiful and the words so meaningful.
My Husband Gord and I are going to teach it to the church congregation on the 13th of March ...I know they will enjoy and appreciate it just like the one "He Speaks Peace to Me" that we taught them earlier.   Do you have the lyrics on the CCLI site yet and is there a lead sheet not yet on the site ....... our guitar players and horn players find it easier to follow a lead sheet.

I would like to introduce the song  "Beyond the Pale" and when I play it the chord that comes before the word sounds right but the music for chord E7(b) then "beyond this "  in the same measure does not sound right to my ear.   ...has it been transcribed right in the bass ? it repeats it in the last line of the song the same way.  Could you play it and check it....perhaps I'm playing it wrong.

I hesitate to write you but if I am wrong please chalk it up to a poor ear !

Sign Time: 2/27/11

Visitor's Name: Paul Balaban
Comments: greatings from Romania. a few weeks ago I found your site and it helped me a lot. I have a guitar and mandolin group at my church and for quite some time I provide them songs and scores.
Wish you could have midi format for the other songs on your site that don't have... God bless you!
Sign Time: 2/27/11

Visitor's Name: Robert
Comments: Beautiful site and nice to have people that provide what you do.
Sign Time: 2/24/11

Visitor's Name: CURTIS   WILLIAMS
Comments:  I love this site, it will help me with my music. Thank you.
Sign Time: 2/1511

Visitor's Name: Leigh Hamblen
Comments:  Love these songs - this is very important music for all of us... why are people putting things on here that don't belong - ads for cars and stuff like that?
Sign Time: 2/10/11

Visitor's Name: JOHN HANDEL
Comments:  8-0
Sign Time: 2/2/11

Visitor's Name: LINDA RATLIFF
Comments:  I came across your wed site a couple of months ago. I will be singing You are God this sunday in our worship hour.  thank you so much for your music.. there are a number of other songs that I really like HE SPEAKS PEACE TO ME, DRAW ME, LORD, WE WORSHIP AT YOUR FEET, IN YOUR PRESENCE, HOLY PRESENCE. Again thank you. Linda
Sign Time: 1/28/11

Visitor's Name: James Gulezian
Comments:  ;-)I really enjoyed reviewing many of your songs!
Sign Time: 1/28/11

Visitor's Name: Judith Coe
Comments:  :-)
Sign Time: 1/22/11

Visitor's Name: Phyllis Hicks
Comments: Could I please have the songs, The Story of Christmas, Heaven's Christmas Song & Shine, Shine Bethlehem Star in the key of F.

Thanks for the Beautiful music.

Sign Time: 1/21/11

Visitor's Name: Tammy Dittman
Comments: I came across your website and was wondering if I may print your music for my family to possibly sing in our church. Do I need to report it to the CCLI or does my church need to? If we never actually have the opportunity to sing it, do we still need to report it? I'm sorry for so many questions. I have never done this before.

Thank you for using your music to give God glory.

Sign Time: 1/17/11

Visitor's Name: Linda Monger
Comments: I play the piano at our church and always enjoy new music to play.
Thank You for Free Music!
Sign Time: 1/5/11