To God be all the glory!  Great things He has done!

Visitor's Name: Crystal Godfrey

Comments: Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  My name is Crystal Godfrey and I want to thank you for putting the words to my poem An Undivided Heart to music.  I really like it.   My prayer is that God will use the song to draw many to Him to be saved.

Thanks again and God bless you!

Crystal Godfrey

Sign Time: 12/21/14

Visitor's Name:
Comments: Dear Hamblen and Hamblen,

I would love to have the song „Song of joy“ – does exist a tape of that song? I couldn’t find anything.

Thanks für your answer,

Anke Hintermann

Sign Time: 12/9/14

Visitor's Name: Marjorie Goertzen
Comments: Thank you for your Godly music.  We have used some pieces in the past, and are now teaching your short song, “God’s Gift of Love,” to the children in our church to sing at our Christmas program in December.  I would like ask permission to arrange the song in two forms for my piano students to play: melody with a few extra harmony notes for beginners, and melody with I, ii, IV, and V chords for those a little more advanced.  My arrangements would not be for sale, and would be used only for my students.

Marjorie Goertzen
Fort St. John, BC  CANADA

Sign Time: 11/15/14

Visitor's Name: Jenifer Dayak
Comments: Can you please transpose “Cast Your Cares Upon the Savior” from C Major to E flat Major….3 flats.

I just enjoy your songs and website.

You may please use this email address.

Thank you so much and God bless your ministry.

Sign Time: 4/7/14

Visitor's Name: Jackie Thorpe
Comments: Sorry to bother you once again - but am preparing solos for the Christmas season now and would really appreciate a key change for Heaven's Christmas Song - to begin on bottom Fsharp i.e. in the key of 2 sharps.

Trusting you and your family are well.

Many thanks.

In Him

Jackie (Thorpe)

Sign Time: 11/27/13

Visitor's Name: June William
Comments: Can you sent me Sustaining Grace in Eb, Bb or Ab?  Either will do.  Thank you so much.
Sign Time: 11/26/13

Visitor's Name: Melvin and Margaret Knee (St. Alban's Anglican, Badger's Quay, Newfoundland, Canada).
Comments: On your site I found this wonderful song, Emmanuel God With Us, that I would like to use for our Christmas program at St. Alban's Church, Newfoundland. However, the recording is only one verse and ending chorus. If it is right to use this song, is it possible for you to record verse one, the chorus, verse 2, and ending chorus in that order. That would be awesome. Thanking you in advance.
Sign Time: 11/23/13

Visitor's Name: june william
Comments: You’ve sent me some songs with keys changed.  We’re a very small church of about 40, and I’m trying to find some Christmas songs for a choir of about 8.  Is there any way you can send me some of the Christmas songs in Eb of any of the flats.  I play them better, since I taught myself.
Sign Time: 10/12/13

Visitor's Name: Jackie Thorpe
Comments: Hi Jerry

Once again I am requesting a key change for one of your beautiful new songs.

The song I am requesting is Sustaining Grace - please can you drop it down 2 semitones to the key of Bflat.
I am hoping to sing it this coming weekend in Derbyshire where Alan, my husband and I have been invited to speak and sing at their 'Harvest weekend'

Thanking you in anticipation of your help once again.

In Him

Jackie Thorpe

Sign Time: 9/30/13

Visitor's Name: june william
Comments: May I cast all my cares upon Jesus in Eb?  Please.

Could I have the song of Heaven’s Christmas song in Eb?

Can I get the music Sustaining grace in the key of Eb?

Sign Time: 5/31/12

Visitor's Name: Judy Brown
Comments: Could you email me this song in the key of F …. There’s Nothing God Cannot Do
Sign Time: 5/19/13

Visitor's Name: Shirley Griffin
Comments: I love your website......thanks for it.

Today I tried clicking on several songs and I am unable to pull up the music.
I am doing just like I always did.  Can you tell me what has changed?

Thanks and God Bless ya'll for this site.
Shirley Griffin

Sign Time: 5/17/13

Visitor's Name: June William
Comments: I play for 2 rest home and a friend sings while I play.  Could I get that song A PLACE CALL HOME, in Aflat.

In The Silence of This Moment
Thank you so much for that, May I have this one in E flat?

Sign Time: 5/8/13

Visitor's Name: Gloria Knowles
Comments: Hi Larry

Our euphonium player in our small orchestra at church needs his music one key higher so I am requesting that you would send me "In  Your presence, Holy Presence" in the key of E major in lead sheet form.  We have used many of your songs and appreciate the fact that they are scripturally sound.
We belong to CCLI and the songs we choose are reported when used.
Thanks and blessings on you,
Gloria Knowles

Sign Time: 4/27/13

Visitor's Name: Darlene TerMarsch
Comments: Good morning,

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your songs on your website, Hamblen & Hamblen Music

Have you considered making another list which categorizes your songs by Topic or Theme?  It would save so much more time when looking for a song (and your songs would probably get used more often).  If most church musicians are like me, they don't have a lot of free time to click on each song in order to find out what it is about.

Thank you.


Sign Time: 2/27/13

Visitor's Name: Erika Crawford
Comments: Michael, Miho, Erika and Sarah Crawford are always blessed by this music. Thank you so much.
Sign Time: 9/17/12

Visitor's Name: Sarah Courtney
Comments: Hello. Is there any way to get sheet music and an CD accompaniment music for Our Sacrifice Of Praise  in a lower key?

I am assistant choir director at church & unfortunately our piano player cannot transpose music. This is a beautiful song. The rythmn you have added on the midi & the key change is great, but unfortunately the key is too high for our little  7/8 member choir.

I thoroughly enjoy your music..may your musical blessings continue!

Ya`ll have surely been blessed with a talent..we have enjoyed singing many of your songs! Their messages are so wonderful!

Thank you,
Sarah Courtney

Sign Time: 6/17/12

Visitor's Name: Jackie Thorpe
Comments: Once again I am writing to request some key changes to some of your wonderful songs please.

For many years now I have been singing a lot of 'Peterson's' songs - but your songs have been so blessed recently I am now requesting for 4 more pieces to be transposed please.

They are :-
Amazing Love ( in SATB) to start on A (below middle C)

He speaks peace to me  (inSATB) to start on Aflat (below middle C)

I love how He loves me ( inSATB) to start on Aflat (below middle C)

Jesus I will follow you ( in SATB) to start on G ( below middle C)

Thank you so much for all your help - and thank you for sharing with us what the Lord has given you.

Jackie (Thorpe)

Sign Time: 3/16/12

Visitor's Name: Jan van Daal
Comments: We stared with your musik A Throne Room for Your Glory

It is a beautyfull song i wrote  this song on 4 bars that is easy to sing it
Is that oke?
The notes are not changed and your name is also on the paper.
I wrote it in musescore a music program so that we can learn at home.

 Sign Time: 1/21/12

Visitor's Name: Jan van Daal
Comments: Thanks for you music

St. Cecilia Church Choir

Sign Time: 1/17/12

Visitor's Name: Jan van Daal
Comments: We have downloaded your wonderfull music A Throne Room for Your Glory I am a singer in a church choir may we copy and sing this song for free?
Sign Time: 1/16/12

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